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What is he talking about: The Little-Known Wealth Secret of Bill Gates, Donald Trump, and One-Third of The Richest Men on Earth You’ll never hear about this anywhere else… A man the G-8 Summit recognizes as a world-renowned expert just discovered a way for you to tap into the exclusive wealth secret of Bill Gates, […]

What is Dr. Kent Moors teasing

Dear Money Morning Reader, Yesterday, I reopened my findings into a $20 trillion, unconventional energy discovery surrounding a small town in Southern Australia. The company who first came across it has already seen its stock rise as much as 460%. And that’s the same company, I first shared with you. But I contacted you yesterday, […]

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On Microblog: Windstream Technologies and Wall Street Revelator
Thank you kind sir for you input. I like your reasoning.[...]
On A Biotech Trading Experiment ...
I was referring about NVLK. Please read my post #15 several posts up from here. I know it's quite lengthy but covers a lot too. Just thought it was an interesting read that mentioned a lot of renowned doctors not only in the field on pancreatic cancer b[...]
On A Biotech Trading Experiment ...
Wow Alan! I didn't know that. Thanks for the advise. Let's see, tubes, checks, and crystal balls. I hope I remember all of that. :o)[...]
On A Biotech Trading Experiment ...
I wasn't trying to put the Doc down but he did say to stay away from Nuvilex because it was a pump and dump stock. Which I don't think is the case here. I maybe wrong but it's making money and attracting some pretty important people who is backing it. T[...]
On A Biotech Trading Experiment ...
Thank you tanglewood...You are a gentlemen and scholar. :o)[...]
On A Biotech Trading Experiment ...
Dr.KSS, I'm down 5.78% on BNIKF and up 77.80% on NVLK. When is this big explosion going to happen? Nuvilex is getting some pretty big heavy hitters on board lately. Sounds like a paradigm shift is coming not only with pancreatic cancer but several ot[...]
On A Biotech Trading Experiment ...
I did but I'm still up 118% and it keep rising $.01 to $.02 per day adding $100.00 to $200.00 to my portfolio. I'm still up several thousand and I can always put in a stop if I feel the inclination. But my gut feeling is this will be much bigger and I'm [...]
On "This Tiny, Unknown Biotech is About to Unleash Its ‘Holy Grail’ Drug"
This was all I found Travis: Companies mentioned have not compensated BrokerBank Securities, Inc. Small Cap Street, LLC or Osman Ghani, Chartered Financial Analyst, for the creation or dissemination of this press release. BrokerBank Securities, Inc. or Sm[...]
On "This Tiny, Unknown Biotech is About to Unleash Its ‘Holy Grail’ Drug"
This doesn't sound like a ruse to me offering $27 million funding: Goldman Small Cap Research, a stock market research firm focused on the small cap and micro cap sectors, recently published a new research update on Nuvilex Inc. (OTCQB: NVLX). In the upda[...]
On "This Tiny, Unknown Biotech is About to Unleash Its ‘Holy Grail’ Drug"
Thank you! I got in at $.16 and it's at $.39 so I'm up 118%. Since the phase II study of NVLX already beat Eli Lilly's FDA approved study by 40% with NO side effects. It's been going up a little everyday. I'll hang on for the ride after the Phase I[...]
On A Biotech Trading Experiment ...
Has anyone heard of the Company Nuvelix? It has had great success in the treatment of inoperable Pancreatic cancer and is due to unseat two of the largest companies that are already FDA approved for the cancer treatment. But Nuvelix (NVLX) treatment has [...]
On Microblog: anybody want to talk about Graphite?
I do own GRPH and they been holding their own. Up a little then down a little. Not a big winner yet but I feel they will be good in the near future.[...]
On Are "Silver Strikes" 36X Better than Dividends?
Anyone watching Tinka (TKRFF) lately. It's been rising daily .02 to .06 per day and up .12 today with a volumn of 266,650 which is 3 times the daily volumn. Something's happening with that, "mountain of silver"..... Plus I've noticed copper made a big j[...]

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