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Have been following Dryships (DRYS) for many years – lost some$, made some but mostly lost. The CEO (George) is self serving (with feeder companies owned by CEO getting fees etc). It has been decimated in recent years, when low dry bulk shipping charges fell off the cliff. In the last few months the stock […]

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On Ray Blanco's "Halo-Fi" -- What's his teased "Death to Cable" stock?
OK DTV got taken out by AT&T -- so they would be the benefactors imo.[...]
On Ray Blanco's "Halo-Fi" -- What's his teased "Death to Cable" stock?
Compared to traditional says a whole fleet in LEO can be economically launched. So you just need a facilator. My guess would Direct Sat - if its still around - ex investor.[...]
On True Wealth's "Tiny Device That's Eating the World"
Another -small one in the space: DIGAF???[...]
On A New "Dumb and Tiny" Personal Speculation
Travis it's probably boom or bust Musk and therefore Li batteries. Cheap oil will hamper any uptake in electrical cars - unless they are competitive with conventional technology. So of one believes that oil will go up and increase demand for elect cars; th[...]

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