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Chris Dehaemers of Angel publishing has a video out about Putin and investing in Russia . If you pay $499.00 for his Crisis and Opportunity he will send you his books and investment ideas to make you 900% gaines. If all these investment gurus were so sure they could make you millions why are they […]

I’m looking for some advice on investing in a graphite mine. Already own shares in Northern Graphite and did that ever tank since I bought it last year. I heard about Alabama Graphite (ABGPH) and have been following their news reports but for some reason do not believe every thing they report. I don’t know […]

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On Microblog: GTI - Graphics Technology

I allso had stock in GTI and lost over $1000.00 . The SEC ok'd the buyout saying it was best for the company and stock holders. I beleive their was somthing veary croked about this whole deal. I wish I saved some of the articles about this company when the[...]

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