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On Microblog: Ad for Bonner-Denning Letter and warns about HR 2990 and HR 2299 and a "New Money System"

I checked and the email is from Rogue Economics / Denning. Here's the link:[...]

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On Microblog: Bill Bonner

Recently (Today is June 13, 2020) he's doing a pitch for the The Bonner-Denning Letter and mentions HR 2990 and HR 2299 . In these ads it seems to mention that the Fed Reserve is separate from the Treasury and major changes are coming. Anyone know wh[...]

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On Rickards' "Your Chance to Own a Gold Mine" Pitch

Thomas Eure - thanks for sharing. If this matter has not been favorably resolved, I suggest you contact a licensed attorney in your area.[...]

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On Microblog: Guaranteed Weight Loss without Surgery, Drugs or Dieting! (Really!)

Apparently it's not been proven effective. Maybe you just feed the tapeworm and as it gets heavier so do you![...]

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On Stock Gumshoe Irregulars

Travis & Gumshoe Crew - You Rock! Disclosure, I haven't always tracked performance of picks / advice etc. Nor does one find it necessary to do so to benefit from subscribing because regardless of whether Travis picks a posiiton for his own portfolio, he [...]

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On Microblog: Weiss Research

I once subscribed to them and found: 1) their Safe Money Report was their main newsletter - Weiss seemed sincere in attempting to preserve your capital versus grow it big. 2) while good for a crashing market, if you believe the market is rising, Weiss[...]

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