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Any thoughts on Chuck Hughes / Tradewins?

Here is the latest one I’ve received: 4 minutes to prove $7million profit, 96.79% accurate 4 Minutes To Prove It’s Real – Over $7 Million in profits and 96.79% Accurate! Lifetime Income System WOW… That’s one heck of an opening line! And in this video you’ll get to examine actual account statements proving the reality […]

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On Microblog: Any thoughts on Chuck Hughes / Tradewins?
You can ask that about dozens of these "experts" who sell their services. The standard response is "Teaching/helping others is more rewarding". I wish we could see the personal wealth of these guys but there are a few that I'm pretty sure don't need the mo[...]
On Microblog: Zacks Market TImer
I'm actually in my $1 trial right now. Here is the whole Market Timer portfolio (I personally like the FTM, Insider and Momentum portfolios better, Market Timer is usually leveraged ETFs). SmlCap 3X Bear TZA 11.86% 1,000 09/08/14 Long 0.00 14.30 14.82[...]
On Microblog: Lessons taken away from the RGDO crash
I wish I had read Douglas' Trading in the Zone BEFORE I had placed my first trade. Of course, it probably wouldn't have made as much sense back then. Have you read his earlier book as well?[...]

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