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Keith Fitz-Gerald 50-40-10 Portfolio

Hello does anyone know aproximately the composistion of K. FitzGerald portfolio? I feel curious about their asset allocation in the 2 first categories (the ’safer’): – 50% : ”with stability and income-producing potential” – 40%: “glocal” (global + local) companies with potential for capital appreciation, as well as income in the form of above-average dividend […]

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On "The Reason Why the World’s #1 Stock Picker Just Came Out of Retirement"
Thanks, Myron ! Welcome back, I am looking forward to read your next column. I wish you many years of wealth and health. Pedro[...]
On A New Look for Stock Gumshoe
I agree with Dutchess1. Whe I look for possible new articles by Myron Martin, I miss information about the dates. Thanks for your work Pedro[...]
On George Soros and "The Best Tech Stock Under $8"
I don't know wether this is the place to leave feedback ... but I miss information about dates. For instance if I look for new articles by Myron I get a list of the titles but without cronological order or information of the date when they were posted. Th[...]
On What Do We Need to Know about Viruses?
Gracias a todos por vuestras respuestas :-) Thanks for all your answers Pedro[...]
On Microblog: Thoughts from Myron—Buyable Dip As The Market Roller Coaster Ride Continues
RBY is now RBYCF Regards Pedro[...]
On The Winners of 2015
From Madrid (Spain): Feliz Navidad y Prospero Año 2016 Merry Christmass and a Wealthy 2016 Thanks for your research, for sharing and for your sense of humor. Best wishes for Gumshoe readers Pedro[...]
On Microblog: Thoughts from Myron—Buyable Dip As The Market Roller Coaster Ride Continues
Hi Myron Great to read you again!!! Good stuff for the weekend!! Thanks Pedro (Madrid, Spain)[...]
On Microblog: A Major Turning Point on the Horizon?
Great news!! By the way: Rubicon today announced it is moving to suspend underground activities at the Phoenix Gold Project (the "Project") while it enhances its geological model of the F2 Gold Deposit and develops a project implementation plan. The pric[...]
On Microblog: A Major Turning Point on the Horizon?
Hello Myron I miss your articles. I hope that the lack of articles are not related to health problems but with a too many things to tell. :-) Thanks in advance Pedro[...]
On Options Advantage
Hello Jim first of all, apologizes for my English (I am Spaniard). I am a 7 months old suscriber of Options Advantage and I recomend his work. I have followed his trades in paper trading - I am new in options - and the results have been good along this[...]

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