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TD Ameritrade to merge with Charles Schwab

I have accounts at TD Ameritrade and Fidelity and was disappointed with the news of the proposed merger of TD Ameritrade with Charles Schwab, TD’s website and trading platform, in my opinion, are excellent. I have never had any problems with my account or trading executions. I was wondering how others feel about this. If […]

A solution for payment of the wall

I have had it up to here with all this discussion about ’the wall’ . Here is my proposal: Why not have an assessment to pay for the wall. There are 15 million taxpayers that earn over $100,000 per year. An assessment of $400 each for taxpayers in this category times 15 million equals 6 […]

Motley Fool Biotech

Not many clues; which company is this? The best biotech investors consistently reap gigantic profits by recognizing true potential earlier and more accurately than anyone else. Let me cut right to the chase. There is a product in development that will revolutionize not just how we treat a common chronic illness, but potentially the entire […]

What Stocks Leon Cooperman Just Bought

Today I watched a CNBC video with famous investor Leon Cooperman as a guest. He was asked ’what is he buying?’. Two of the new names he mentioned were ”Monetize” a mobile wallet company, and ”Technique” an LNG construction company. They didn’t give the stock symbols, so I had to do some gumshoeing to figure […]

Selling GOOG and buying VXX

A writer on Seeking Alpha (name not given) was going to take his profits on GOOG and buy VXX in this article, dated March 7,2013. http://seekingalpha.com/article/1257061-i-took-profits-on-google-should-you?source=yahoo Since I own GOOG, I was curious about VXX. This is the S & P 500 VIX short-term futures ETN (exchange traded note) issued by Barclays iPath on January […]

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On Fool's "Small-cap 'Amazon of the North'"
I'm not convinced that Travis should allow comments from non-paying guests[...]
On What's Jeff Brown teasing in his "Timed Stocks Summit?"
hi udayan; at the top of this page there is a category called 'newsletters' and you can filter for 5 stars (currently there is 15) to see how fellow gumshoe readers rate various newsletters.[...]
On Annual Review Part One
It seems as though Travis is doing much better than the S&P. He bought several stocks early in the game that went on to become momentum darlings.[...]
On Annual Review Part One
sorry I confused the matter by bringing up cash. Is the real money portfolio frozen? In other words, new funds are not added nor is cash taken out.[...]
On Annual Review Part One
not the cash return but the total gain/loss percentage for the whole portfolio for the year 2019[...]
On Annual Review Part One
Hi Travis; I know you have posted the total gain/loss percentage for the different categories in the Real Money Portfolio but are you able to calculate the year 2019 portfolio performance on a percentage basis? You have had some fantastic gains in a lot[...]
On Microblog: TD Ameritrade to merge with Charles Schwab
Thanks apiercex3 and dunnydame for your input[...]
On "Day Zero" -- What's Jeff Siegel talking about when he says, "November 13th, 2019 will be the most profitable day in the history of mankind."
I guess we now know what 'day zero' means. It's when the stock goes to zero![...]
On "Day Zero" -- What's Jeff Siegel talking about when he says, "November 13th, 2019 will be the most profitable day in the history of mankind."
Recent sleuth of #TORC from Green Chip Stocks had some bad news today. Lead drug failed in final stage, stock down 86% https://finance.yahoo.com/m/0bdfd8c7-6389-3fb2-8ca2-280a867561ff/restorbio-stock-plummets-on.html[...]
On Friday File: Earningspalooza Overload -- Two Sells, Four Buys and a dozen updates
Travis is better than an analyst; here is an example of an analyst quoting from a Zacks note of Nov 7 https://finance.yahoo.com/news/analysts-estimate-nvidia-nvda-report-153003012.html 'Analysts Estimate Nvidia (NVDA) to Report a Decline in Earnings: Wha[...]
On What's the "Single-Stock Retirement Plan?" Crowdability teases that "Starting Jan. 7th, This Tiny $3 Stock Could Ignite a $20 Trillion Bull Market..."
Hi Kevin What do you think of this company; Poet Technologies #POETF posted by Longbeachboy https://www.stockgumshoe.com/reviews/the-complete-investor/unpacking-leebs-devastating-5g-flaw-exposed-teaser-pitch/comment-page-1/#comment-5002134 https://poet-t[...]
On Friday File: Sales for Profit and Loss, plus a couple add-on buys post-earnings
I hope Travis doesn't run for political office; he would have to divest himself of any affiliation with Stock Gumshoe. Even if he won all the debates and had the best ideas, it wouldn't matter when you have to deal with 'Roadblock Pelosi' or 'Mumble[...]
On Microblog: 3 Top Artificial Intelligence Stocks to Watch in October from Motley Fool
Thanks, ukrmonkey[...]
On Friday File: One Sell, One Short, A few add-on Buys... plus some quarterly updates
Hi Travis I have shorted a few companies this year with TD Ameritrade and have not been charged a borrowing fee. I thought the original announcement of the China tariffs would have a negative effect on Dollar General #DG, Dollar Tree #DLTR, Lululemon #LU[...]
On Friday File: A Cloud Growth Swap, and a little timid buying as worries mount
Travis it looks like Arista Networks #ANET should be in red for the stoploss in the Real Money Portfolio[...]
On Friday File: Two Sells, Six Buys... Earnings and Stop Loss Busy-ness
wcjbic since you are a member, you have access to the Real Money Portfolio a spreadsheet where Travis posts the stop loss trigger for the stocks he is invested, Under 'articles' at the top of the page, hit 'premium content' and on the right sid[...]
On Two Stocks for King's "Spectrum" -- Is this the "Future of All Technology?"
Hi Frank, I think wino1943 is referring to Ian King of Automatic Fortunes who gets 5 stars in Travis' newsletter rankings with a small sample size of 14 votes. https://www.stockgumshoe.com/reviews/automatic-fortunes/ But we all know Travis b[...]
On Yastine's "$5 Biotech Stock Revolutionizing Health Care"
Edmund where are those quotes coming from? 'We at Antares'[...]
On Friday File: My "Top Ten," plus Some Adventures in Shorting and A Check-in on Gold Royalties
RE shorting I am with TD Ameritrade and they do not charge a fee for borrowing shares that are readily available.[...]
On Friday File: My "Top Ten," plus Some Adventures in Shorting and A Check-in on Gold Royalties
Hi Travis; Do the TradeStops posted in the RealMoneyPortfolio spreadsheet get updated? It seems like they stay the same as they were when originally posted.[...]

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