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On Ask a Stupid Question...
So the question is are you more an investor or more a trader? Those 8 services will 10 or more recommendations at any one time. Is that enough or do you need a 100 more to trade? Granted, buying lifetime at your age is a good investment if you can af[...]
On Is there a "$2,363 Retirement Royalty Check" Waiting for you?
MAIN is very enticing Salvatore. On the link you shared it is very impressive compared to the S & P over the years. Would you care to comment on "MAIN" Travis? Thanks!![...]
On Ask a Stupid Question...
1. I spent 700, them 2300 since the services overlapped, so total all in was $3000 for 8 services and two portfolio solutions. 3. Total Portfolio plus • Income Intelligence • Stansberry’s Credit Opportunities • Stansberry’s Big Trade • [...]
On Ask a Stupid Question...
If you be a bit more specific. 1. You spent $700 for a True Wealth lifetime subscription. So that was for just one service. 2. You then spent $3000 for the Defensive portfolio lifetime. Is that just for that service? If yes then you now have two servic[...]
On Ask a Stupid Question...
Yea, I get every use case is different, just trying to get an opinion from alliance members if those additional services are mostly being used by members. That being said: 1. Early 30s 2. Originally a TrueWealth lifetime subscriber at $700, liked the s[...]
On Microblog: Latest from James Stafford of THE DEATH OF SILICON SOLAR CELLS -- not Graphene, whatizit???
This tease has been around for a few years now. Would be interesting to see if, when these super crystal panels are going to actually be produced and commercially available? I have the current albeit limited efficiency "old" panels and would like to see [...]
On Is there a "$2,363 Retirement Royalty Check" Waiting for you?
It is called 22 years in the US Army and attain the rank of at least an e-8 and voila ![...]
On Ask a Stupid Question...
Lael, these are not easy questions to answer. It would help if you would advise re the following: 1. Your age. 2. Amount you are currently spending on Stansberry products and what you receive for that spend. 3. How much more this new choice would cost[...]
On Ask a Stupid Question...
Hey, since you are an Alliance member, how do you feel about the "Total Portfolio?" Not many ppl seem to have it or talk about it here. It's a massive jump in price from the Defensive Portfolio $3000 - $12000 lifetime, but do you personally think that Tota[...]
On Is there a "$2,363 Retirement Royalty Check" Waiting for you?
Analysis par excellence Travis! Truly tempting situation but as you stated just as soon as the special dividend was declared on 5/14/19 the stock price surged just as much as the special dividend. For me, too much to risk and unknown. My favorite Einstein [...]
On Microblog: Storage of Electricity - #Batteries & BIG image
$FYI - Energy Storage News - 5/22/2019 Some of todays articles; Europe elections: Tech neutral approach, fair conditions among actions urged to boost storage uptake IEEFA: Solar-plus-storage undermines coal economics by ‘hundreds of millions[...]
On Is there a "$2,363 Retirement Royalty Check" Waiting for you?
I am personally SO irritated with the frequency these type of come-ons get sent to my inbox. Ian Wyatt made a massive prediction about Telluride some year or so back, claiming that if you bought it now, you'd have unbelievable returns soon. I sold it wh[...]
On Option Investor
I've been subscribing to Option Trader's Options with short expiration times for the past five months, and I've made money on every one of their recommendations. The founder, Tom Hughes is ill, and can no longer spend 7 days a week working for his subscrib[...]
On Microblog: stansberry defensive portfolio???
I got it, seems like a good value for what they include with it. Recommendations are reasonable, but they still recommend a 3:1 balance of funds in the capital:defensive portfolio right now, so it's not designed to be followed 100% right now from what I un[...]
On Microblog: Storage of Electricity - #Batteries & BIG image
This is I believe the first time I've posted this newsletter it appears a bit more technical than most would care for. There are a few articles on improved cathodes ( reducing Cobalt) and developments in improved manufacturing. $FYI - Battery Power[...]
On Microblog: TILT Holdings (SVVTF)
Tilt ... svvtf is a steal at 1.35 or under ... Think it will double soon and then go on to ten times that amount in the longer term.[...]
On Carr's teased "America's #1 Pot Stock"
Questions of Integrity at the highest levels in this article[...]
On "FORBIDDEN! The Profit Exploding Investment Brokers Refuse to Tell You About"
I expect that's probably still The Trade Desk (TTD) if it's the "ticking time bomb for Cable TV" pitch, which is what it sounds like. [...]
On Nova-X Report's "Productivity Supercharger" Stock
Thanks for the informed feedback -- good to hear from someone who actually uses the products.[...]
On Ray Blanco's "Halo-Fi" -- What's his teased "Death to Cable" stock?
Just got the same teaser this time courtesy of The Sovereign Investor Daily, a Banyon Hill publication. The new target date to sign up for his secret super stock is now June 19th, 2019. Ha! Keep fishing guys.[...]

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