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Does anyone know if this influences a person that already holds this stock and if they have to do anything pertaining to it?, This is top of the form- Amendment No. 1 to FORM F-10 REGISTRATION STATEMENT UNDER THE SECURITIES ACT OF 1933 GOLDEN STAR RESOURCES LTD. Whole page link- Filed on: September 28, […]

Look Northen Dynasty News January 27,2017

Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd (NDMWF) owns 100 percent of the Pebble Project that’s focused on copper-gold-molybdenum-silver deposits. The State of Alaska secured land including what is now Pebble, explicitly for its mineral potential. The Pebble deposit’s current resource estimate includes 6.44 billion tonnes in the measured and indicated categories containing 57 billion lb. copper, 70 […]

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On Ray Blanco's "Halo-Fi" -- What's his teased "Death to Cable" stock?
If you find a subject of a article you just sign up to get emails pertaining to responses to the article. You can recieve good information a month or two when articles gets older and pushed down the list with newer ones being placed above it. A lot of new [...]
On "By March 19, 2019 Donald Trump Could 'Reboot' the U.S. Dollar" sez Jim Rickards
Rocketman impressive thaughts. One area I am concerned with is paper of any kind money, stocks, bonds, etc. would be as worthless as money. Physical gold and silver I hold and not in a safe deposit box. And low valued 1/10 oz. gold Eagles or bullion. Leavi[...]
On "By March 19, 2019 Donald Trump Could 'Reboot' the U.S. Dollar" sez Jim Rickards
Well when the word God becomes a cuss word not fit to be uttered or Jesus. A nation looses it's foundation of morales and sails with no direction.[...]
On Second Chance at "Pot Stock Mania?"
One thing about legalizing it is now in they military and most fortune 500 companies drug test are given. Marijuana stays detectable up to 30 days. How will this and a bunch of driving Under the influence be detectable in possible impairment causing a acci[...]
On Friday File: Gold, Shop and China
Travis was the one that introduced pebble gold mines in eastern Alaska and western Canada. He is invested in northern dynasty and I bring a good article to light and it's continually shoot down. WHY? Read the a reticle on northern Dynasty. thinairmony [...]
On Friday File: Gold, Shop and China
thinairmony Northern Dynasty announces hiring of senior technical leadership for Alaska’s Pebble Project October 12, 2017 Senior VP Engineering & Project Director Stephen Hodgson and VP Permitting James Fueg join Pebble team October 12, 2017 Vancouv[...]
On Friday File: Gold, Shop and China
The Ethereum Classic Investment Trust is expected to be structurally identical to Grayscale’s Bitcoin Investment Trust GBTC, +3.91% the only bitcoin investment vehicle that trades publicly in the U.S., but instead of bitcoin, it is pegged to Ethereum Cla[...]
On Friday File: Gold, Shop and China
I think pebble project will be mined in the very near future. You can get the rest of this story from: here is the beginning of the article. Northern Dynasty announces hiring of senior technical leadership for Alaska’s Pebbl[...]
On Fool's "Could This $4.05 Small Cap Be the Next Netflix?"
What I find with the Motletfool team is that just because they make picks don't be gullible about every pick and think it's a AOL Apple, etc. but I must say they and their crew come up with some good pick's that are worth doing your own research by [...]
On Fool's "Could This $4.05 Small Cap Be the Next Netflix?"
Is it symbol-DMQHF ? You said above you can't give away what it is here because your CFO would kill you. So will you say if this symbol is wrong?[...]
On Microblog: EV >>>---Vehicles-October-02-17--&-Beyond------->
BMW and Chinese Great Wall may may have a joint venture with mini cooper, here is link[...]
On Here We Go Again! Another Plot to Suppress Life-Saving Cures!
The Pharmaceutical industry is just more proof that money is the root of all SORTS of EVIL.[...]
On Hodge's "November 1: New FDA Mandate Sends This Device Into EVERY Restaurant in America"
LexaGene Holdings Inc. (LXXGF) Other OTC - Other OTC Delayed Price. Currency in USD Add to watchlist 1.1506+0.1006 (+9.58%) At close: Oct 12 3:58PM EDT[...]
On Tear Sheet: CohBar Inc. ($CWBR)
Deleted by KSS. Clean it up or step off the bus.[...]
On Tear Sheet: CohBar Inc. ($CWBR)
Deleted by KSS.[...]
On Tear Sheet: CohBar Inc. ($CWBR)
88year old karate Kid still a grass hopper..❤️[...]
On Tear Sheet: CohBar Inc. ($CWBR)
Now some brave cowards . Done made up my mind.[...]
On Tear Sheet: CohBar Inc. ($CWBR)
Well in layman terms what should a owner do with shares[...]
On Tear Sheet: CohBar Inc. ($CWBR)
$BLPH LP Dr. KSS PhD , was wondering what this Form D SEC is. Researched and got this far. Figured you would be DA Mann to know what it is , came in my portfolio news for $BLPH and just said Form D filed on 10/11/2017 goggled it but could not get link. He[...]
On What's the "Personalized Medicine" Pick teased by Extreme Fortunes?
Check out BYD it's a Chinese EV that Buffett has had is money in(FYI) Try this link for Kandi-[...]

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