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Hi guys, I really want to start learning to understand more about stock numbers. I am very new to investing and following mostly gumshoes advice but I don’t actually understand the numbers or strategy behind it. How can I learn more about the decision making? A friend of me has followed a 3 day workshop […]

Hi guys, Anyone has advice on solar edge? I bought in last year. Maybe a bunch of money but held onto. This weekend we had a 16% drop. I know the market closed low this week. App solar edge dropped because TESLA has announced creating one of the main components they are buying from solar […]

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On Friday File: Annual Review Part Three

Travis, thanks for your great insights. I was wondering how your stand point is towards solar edge Technologies, Its still at this moment a big chunk in my portfolio. (SEDG) I did great on it last year but I'm wondering where to go next (and if the solar s[...]

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On Solving Motley Fool's "Recent IPO Targets 827X Potential Growth" Teaser

This is the comment I also wanted to make. PERI is in fact a much healthier bet vs MGNI and starts to get noticed by many as well. I own both[...]

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On Friday File: Some Buys Beyond the Games

What you think about EPR stock? Ilikely they will return to 70 - 80s over 2021?[...]

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