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On "Kings of Canadian Cannabis" -- Michael Robinson's "$2,000,000 By This Time Next Year" Marijuana Teaser

thanks for the education it is appreciated. Warmest regards Zack[...]

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On Identifying Manward's teased "$5 Cancer Killer That’s Headed to $50"

Cant speak at all to the stock but can definitely speak to Cyber knife and its success. Both myself and my brother used Cyber knife for our prostrate cancer treatment with great success. I also read manward press and have impressed with both the content as[...]

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On Microblog: Secret Gold Deposit Stock from Stansberry

Travis the world needs to know your thoughts. Warmest regards[...]

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On Beyond the Dollar

extremely bad log in issues which eventually made me not re subscribe.[...]

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On Cabot's "stock of the week" for Health Savings Accounts

Alex Green Oxford club recommended this roughly 2 months ago and has been a good small position for me. Just wish it had a div.[...]

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On Hoppmann's Three "Ride the Infrastructure Megatrend" Stocks

Carbon: Since you obviously have experience with piping, can you explain why water mains are not PVC vs Stainless steel? Warmest regards Zack[...]

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On Vardy sez: "NOW is the perfect time to buy in cheap on the perfect biotech/pharma stock (this one)"

Does frost feel the same way you do about him?? Just saying[...]

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On Friday File Delay

Travis next time ask your doc to request a exact sciences colon test is very accurate.[...]

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On Microblog: What is the best way to get a second passport?

great question skip...i'd like to know as well...irreg's??[...]

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On Oxford Club / The Communique

of all the news letter I subscribe to Oxford's income letter is the best in class.[...]

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I also felt that this teaser was intriguing any ideas? Not for all 5 but just the company which deals with prostrate cancer now which this teaser stated "will probably be used for breast cancer shortly"[...]

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On What are Sid Riggs' "Mega Spark" Energy Stocks?

Boy they ever cross market each other.... Thanks for the insight.[...]

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On Microblog: Living Metal tease

I'm not so sure that this is what is being teased by Mike Robinson "living metal" Travis care to weigh in?[...]

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On Microblog: RGDO

I have no positions in RGDO....but your post and response made me laugh out loud ! And although I do not hold to your political beliefs and I am over 60...I do respect your right to state's why this country is the best in the world.[...]

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On Microblog: spinoff calander

appreciate the information. Zack[...]

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