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I’m a 75 yr old investor with a portfolio of 30 stocks. The only advise I’ve heard consistently over the last 50 years is DIVERSIFY. Usually the advise is to not have more than 5% or so in any one stock. Then I see that Warren Buffett has 40% of his holdings in Apple. Comments, […]

Has anyone invested or considered investing in the SeedInvest offering for Monogram Orthopaedics? The concept seems doable and a major improvement over present joint replacement options. Thanks for your input.

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On "Richest Man in History Forced to Give Back" -- What's "The Strange Law Forcing Amazon To Pay a Tax to Americans Like You?"

That's almost in the category of my wife coming home from a shopping trip and saying, "Honey! I saved $200." to which I always respond, "Great. Please give it to me. I need it to pay this month's bills."[...]

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On Two More Miracle Cures: An Honest Assessment, I Hope!

"There are many things that are legally sold that can harm folks such as automobiles, chain saws, insecticides, etc. but we don’t usually blame the product for injury when it is obvious that misuse was the culprit." Except for guns, when the inanimate o[...]

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