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Hello Just seeing if my inspired stock sleuthing is correct! Jeff Brown is pitching a cure for childhood blindness, with a 2 year $2000 subscription with a 100% guarantee for CREDIT to another service, money back or nothing as far as I am concerned. So testing with MIT, only company to do human trials and […]

I am new to the investing market and present volatility in the market is scary. Researching into safer stocks with less volatility, and that pay a reasonable dividend. Compounding is a powerful way to increase your investment but requires a fair amount of equity to take advantage of the compounding. It is important to put […]

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On Microblog: Not sure if it’s been discussed before ? Couldn’t find anything

What is the trick better yet what is the ticker symbol for Starlink supplier[...]

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On More About COVID-19: Where Are We Now and Where Are We Headed?

To all the draconian people who value greed over life, should ask their grandparents or parents if they would not mind dying six months earlier, or contract a debilitating complication for the rest of your life due to COVID. The idiots (and they are if the[...]

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On Microblog: Jeff Brown’s 3 Penny-IPO stocks

So Jeff Brown I believe is pitching Editas Medicine (EDIT) on another pitch (Cure for Blindness) , I do know Spero Therapeutics (SPRO) is being promoted by another newsletter.[...]

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