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does any one know the latest stock karim is pitching it say”s gold so pure it is not supposed to exist any help would be welcomed joe catania PS his last recoccommedation that travis posted last week NOBEL ENERGY NBL is doing very well the jan 130 calls i bought last week at 3.90 is […]

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On Frank Curzio shot with "Batman"/"Air Cuff" Device to tease a Stock -- which one?

I also bot the stock not to put it away as an investment but to tease it for 30 orc40% I don’t think it will catch because of the barbs involved I think someone will lose an eye and I don’t think the cops would want to use it unless they could be furt[...]

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On Friday File: Tracking Half a Year of Teasers

Travis wishing you a great vacation with mrs Gumshoe and the little gumshoes hope u going somewhere with lots of water around to cool off the east coast looks like it is going to be a very hot week enjoy and thanks for all the help you provide Joe[...]

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On Whither Facebook?

Travis great article on a very complicated issue. I to own the stock and have ridden it from the 40 Dallas to here what I did in the last couple of days was to sell part of my position and sold calls again the rest of the position the calls are the Sept 1[...]

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On 2017 Turkey of the Year

I think the Turkey of The was sun Edison and and that terrible stock picker Ken moors he is just awful Happy Thanksgiving to all[...]

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On Mampilly's "Untapped Ocean of Energy Found Under All 50 States"

Congratulations at least 10 more years thanks for all you do[...]

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On Friday File: Interest Rates, REITs, Bitcoin and Berkshire

One reit that I own and have been reinvesting in is EVA pays a great dividend and they constantly raise it .It is almost a monopoly the T are the largest producers of wood chips interesting play[...]

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On "Little-known ‘Silicon Valley bank’ pays out a steady and safe 8.7% cash stream"

Anyone have any ideas on GSBD ?[...]

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On "Assassin's Mace" and China's Master Plan for the South China Sea

I don't trust anything that Moors offers his latest was Sun energy and lunch energy and some solar company the name escapes me to me he is just a fraud and iris lynas energy nor lunch energy[...]

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On Basenese's "Secret" San Diego NFC Security Stock

he did write when the stock was in the mid 30"s that u should take profits and maybe call some calls if you wanted to be along for a longer JOE[...]

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