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AD exchanges from Stansberry’s innovations report. This Powerful New Technology Is Revolutionizing the Advertising Industry

Best pure play This multibillion-dollar company built the largest independent ad platform of its kind. The company uses ”machine learning” to place highly targeted ads something called programmatic advertising Best of all, the company continues to grow at an incredible pace… Its year-over-year revenue grew by 54% in 2018. And it’s on pace to hit […]

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On The Manchurian Candida
or maybe this? Dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis, a red scaly flaking skin condition many of us get at the medial edges of our eyebrows and around the alae of our noses, is a chronic fungal infection with Malassezia furfur, which thrives on skin oil as a[...]
On The Manchurian Candida
Might that be prurisol (ctix)[...]
On The Manchurian Candida
Cleveland, I have submitted this per alanh's advice and if I get the go ahead I will upload it to your box. I was hoping to get some input on the thread problem but if approved here I will work on that problem. Tom[...]
On The Manchurian Candida
I have put together a Word file with all (most?) of the articles written by KSS, formatted to give the titles in the left navigation panel. If any are interested I will upload. I use this to search out the references to whatever criteria I use. Some articl[...]
On Microblog: 12 minute stock strategy touted by Street Authority
My first comment. Amy c. might be Calistri and dividend reinvestment plans maybe the plan[...]

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