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CANNIBUS LOTS Can anyone give some advice on this investment approach. Came from a newsletter that wants $5K subscription that I will not pay. Believe some of my fellow IRREGULARS might have some great advice here. Please advise how to invest in CANNIBUS LOTS, and your opinion and recent results from such investments. Thanks in […]

Travis, Have you or any of your other ”irregulars” had anything good come from this system. I just came across it, and it certainly fits into the ”if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is” category. This gent is trying to get subscribers to pay him approx $2000/yr for a ”V” score […]

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On Microblog: The Next Trillion-Dollar Coin?

charan1707 You stated you would post "the new coin name" when you got home from work on the evening of 1 April. It is now 10/29 and I have not seen it. Please send it to me at Thanks in advance for your share. Terry[...]

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On Microblog: Technical Trading Expert Andy Snyder Reveals Three Coins to Profit From 2021: The Year of Crypto-Anyone know what the tiny three coins are????

Anyone know the names of these three alt coins??[...]

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On High Alpha

Is anyone making money following this "Gents'" portfolio and monthly recommendations?[...]

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Response to TALKTOME.[...]

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On Microblog: Energy Resources Digest pitches Investing Beyond the Bong

Danna, Did you ever get an answer?[...]

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On Microblog: oxford wealth accelerator by Nicholas Vardy

Alfie333, did you ever get an answer to your question? I'm wondering if it is a scam or not?[...]

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On Technology Profits Confidential

Join the discussion Lynda, please email me the list of 243 pot stocks to Thanks in advance.[...]

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