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Precious metal mining companies who pay dividends (not that there are many) could pay in metal. Who wouldn’t rather have even a few grams of gold, silver or platinum that likely will preserve their value in this era of plunging currencies. Maybe it could be deposited direct into Bullion Vault via a new type of […]

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On Microblog: Wht is Elon Musk Reveals BOMBSHELL New Tech ?

Hi Why no more about this or discussion if it is a bombshell and not a squib? It's being heavily promoted again by Jeff Siegel. Travis, do you know what this is?[...]

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On Investigating Casey's "Cobalt Blueprint" that teases "86,900% Gains From America’s Next 'Super Metal'"

I am invested in FCC, ECS, FT, CLQ,KAT plus other battery metals juniors. Up on one or two at present. Was up 50% earlier 2018 including a double on FCC so cashed in half in one of my SIPPs but left it running in another which is now showing a loss. I was[...]

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On Rickards: "This $0.70 Crypto Game Changer Could Make You a FORTUNE in 2018… Starting Next Monday"

I suppose I am a sad case too! Registered with Mount Gox in the early days, couldn't for the life of me see it as more than Monopoly money or even a scam. Was glad I didn't buy as Gox went spectacularly out of business a year or two ago! Will the crypto[...]

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On Hodge's "Nobody Knows about America's Biggest Gold Discovery" pick

This was tipped by Jim Rickards as one of his recos in his 3k yearly newsletter which I joined with a trial in mid 2016. I bought several of his 'hot' tips just as the steam went out of the gold price. Every one has gone down by at least 50 or more %. I un[...]

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On What's Matt Badiali's "Magic Metal" Pitch About?

I am up 129% on Tinka Resources (TK on CVE). Received a few shares from a spin-off, I think from Mawson Resources (MWSNF-OTC) quite a few years ago and bought more last year when I saw it rising strongly.[...]

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On "Government Erasing Serial Numbers" and Eifrig's "Fedcoin" Pitch

And no doubt it will be linked to the micro-chip that we will all be forced to have. All the ingredients are coming together to fulfill Bible prophecy. Take care, there is much more to this than mere speculation on money-making![...]

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