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The Outsider Club’s teaser regarding Law C-45 which creates Legal Monopolies of some Marijuana Stocks, and will make all other Marijuana stocks worthless.

The Oxford Club’s teaser by Matthew Carr, regarding a new law, C-45, is set to take effect in a certain market in mid-2018… granting exclusive legal immunity to a small set of marijuana companies. Not only that… C-45’s favored companies will get the right to sell marijuana internationally! Nasdaq researchers confirm these approved companies will […]

The Biggest Event in Marijuana History – Cannabis King #1 – The Billion Dollar Greenhouse 9 Miles from the U.S.Border

You’re looking a state-of-the-art, 10.5 million square-foot hydroponic greenhouse in Western Canada. Right now, the place I’m showing you is less than nine miles from the U.S. Border. It’s roughly the size of 95 football stadiums. And most of the building is dedicated to growing produce, like tomatoes. In fact, last year the company that […]

The Pittsburgh Project (Experiment)

I may have missed discourse on this Experiment, regarding the Company which has taken over the Carnegie Mellon University’s Pittsburgh Project. Apparently, a former student of that institution, ”Brandon F.” developed the seeing device in his Florida garage. This new technology helped to develop an autonomous tractor-trailer that drove from Pittsburgh to Colorado Springs on […]

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On Microblog: The Outsider Club's teaser regarding Law C-45 which creates Legal Monopolies of some Marijuana Stocks, and will make all other Marijuana stocks worthless.
"Who am I": I am a retired State Trooper, who, unfortunately, was diagnosed with Incurable, Stage IV, metastatic Head and Neck Cancer shortly after my retirement. My plans after retirement were to land a job as a Police Chief in a large City; the best-laid[...]
On Microblog: Any idea which company $.75/share that has the anti-cancer patent being pitched by the Oxford Group? Claims FDA announcement imminent within the next 90 days and the stock expected to explode by 6263%
A friend bought a subscription to Jimmie Mengel's publication regarding this issue. The company was NOT revealed in the subscription, (pretty lame to tease a stock and then not reveal it to subscribers). My friend called the Oxford Club to cancel his subsc[...]
On Microblog: Bonner & Partners new Near Future news letter
Amazon minting their own cryptocurrencies will totally disrupt currency as we know it; and, how we buy things will be changed forever. The Bonner and Bonner tease does not provide much useful information; except that one company is located in California, i[...]
On What's "The Pot Stock of the Decade" pitched by The Wealth Advisory?
I pay for a membership just to read Travis' jokes! It is WORTH every penny!!!!![...]

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