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Newcomer here. I have a strong interest in the companies involved in developing medications that address the fatty liver problem. My interest is largely due to my own experience (had a liver transplant in mid-March) and also by my interest in the stock market. Since I’m retired and have lots of time on my hands, […]

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On Cancer: the Changing Landscape in 2019
As someone who survived liver cancer stemming from nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, I find these cancer discussions quite interesting. I had a liver transplant last year. I am particularly interested in liver cancer which I think is the fastest growing ca[...]
On Sleuthing Altucher's "Electronic Police" Pitch -- Gains Coming November 13?
Any thoughts on Patriot One Technology (PTOTF) in a somewhat similar business that claims to have technology that detects concealed weapons?[...]
On Blanco's "No More Diseases... The Moment The World Stands Still" Stock
The newsletter publishers must hate you but you are a godsend to us lowly investors. Love reading your stuff[...]

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