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What stock, that the Motley Fool is claiming, gets a $9 toll every time an Smartphone is sold anywhere in the World? They claim the reason they get this toll is for some kind of CHIP they supply. Has anyone heard of this? Ty Hub

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On "A new opportunity is taking shape right now that’s like buying Disney in 1971…"
Just stick around and we'll see who's right and who's wrong!! I'm sure you don't believe that the ice is melting away at the North and South poles either!! Hope you have a good boat! You better buy it now because your going to be broke when your house go[...]
On "Big Oil Wants a Piece of His Pie"
I didn't catch the name of the pizza company? Ty[...]
On De Castro's "Just $9 of this rare metal can cut the weight of a car by 220 pounds"
Well does anyone out there own any STOCK in this company ?? If so, how close are they at hitting the PAY LOAD ?? ANYONE ? Ty[...]
Wasn't aware of this one but will check it out. Thanks again, Ty[...]
Thanks, Ty[...]
I believe my definition of this matter was TOLL, not TROLL! Ty[...]
On February Idea of the Month -- Oil Services
See Reply above please.[...]
On February Idea of the Month -- Oil Services
What are the advantages for an IRA? I've been thinking of changing my IRA to include stocks. Thanks for any tips on this matter. Ty[...]

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