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Sold final positions in ROICW on Wed

With an average gain of 81% I am thrilled as I didnt make the mistake I did with Sandstorm (holding the warrants too long and ultimately breaking even during my final exit a month back and surrending substantial gains). Like Africa Oil, I made a great profit but definitely nowhere close to the peak with […]


Travis has an uncanny ability to pick some really good stocks. One such one (at least from a price appreciation perspective) was UNXL. However, it wasnt going anywhere and both he and myself stopped following it (I sold my stake). I had purchased in back in 2011 when it was hovering around 4 dollars a […]

SandStorm Gold Valuation

Hi Travis, Looking at Price to cash flows and PE, do you think Sand storm is overvalued? While they did sign the big deal recently, they’ve had an incredible run up prior to the NYSE listing and an almost parabolic growth after that. Earnings come in Nov. Seems like the stock has already priced in […]

Gold Miners and Financial Challenges

Thought I’d share this with the community – especially given the focus here on SandStorm Gold (they’ve also been in the news lately). While all of this seems to be to be great news for SandStorm over the long term (especially with gold prices holding steady – unlike coal and gas!), it does provide […]

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On Microblog: IIRP....what's up
I realize the comment was for Travis, but here is a quick take. There is a component of the price dropping because of the capital raise as you mention. The rest seems to be because of falling marijuana sector. The next TA point seems to be in the high 80's[...]
On Friday File: Interest Rates, REITs, Bitcoin and Berkshire
Travis - how did you buy bitcoins?[...]
On Annual Review: Natural Resources, Metals & Mining
Hi Travis, I did manage to buy the 2020 Northern Dynasty warrants, but cant find the 2021 (B) ones. Based in the US, using Fidelity. Any suggestions on the ticker? Also, would you recommend (for those looking to start) opening positions in DSEEX and[...]
On Soda, Brazil, and Royalties
Hi Travis, have you considered late July, Aug or Dec calls on SODA?[...]
On Friday File: Catchup on A Dozen Companies
Side note - am invested in most of these so the status update helps provide additional context .[...]
On Friday File: Catchup on A Dozen Companies
Excellent writeup Travis as usual. Thanks![...]
On VIC -- Winklevoss Twins and Bitcoin
Well, this has kind of started to implode.[...]
On Thoughts on Some Recent Winners and Losers
Stan, I dont know. Seems like it went down on heavy volume as well. I dont think gold/metals/commodities will shine for a few years, esp if China slows down. Long term (10+ yrs) they are a good bet. Meanwhile recommend staying away - BUT, who knows???[...]
On Thoughts on Some Recent Winners and Losers
Excellent and well researched article as always Travis. I did buy LGND when you first recommended it as well as PNC-WT. Thanks again for the tips. I've had the resource/streaming stocks on my watchlist for awhile now, but am not really sure when to jum[...]
On Add-on to my 2018 Bet
SWEET! I have a decent size in PNCWT and Boston is on my watch list. I will nibble on a down day sometime next week or the week after. Appreciate the update Travis.[...]
On Microblog: Thoughts from Myron -- Diamonds, Prospects and Meteors
Thanks Myron! This is really helpful (And appreciate your narrowed down choices compared to last months one!) I am looking into NAN, VMSTF, LUCRF further[...]
On Updated Personal Top Holdings
Travis def doesnt try to sell things. That combined with his neutrality, lack of stubbornness, thoroughness, small ego (a rarity in this field) and data driven approach makes him the best thing to have ever happened in my short (started in 2009) stint mana[...]
On "The ONE STOCK to get rich from Internet banking ... Big Banking's Little $20.8 Trillion Secret"
Thanks. I had INBK and BOFI on my watch list after reviewing the notes on the value investing conference. I am tempted to buy a position on INBK. I did buy a medium position into BOFI this week.[...]
On Microblog: Disappointing SAND
For what its worth (a lot to me!) the fine folks at Investech dusted off their 1-2 yo analysis on gold (they were bearing as they felt it was in a bubble despite overwhelming opposition) and are still maintaining a likelyhood of 1050-1150 an ounce and not [...]
On Microblog: Regret
Thanks Alain. I can't either, hence I jumped out (clearly too early lol), but from I see I can't find a reason to justify their valuation.[...]
On Value Investing Congress -- Day Two
Thanks Travis, will review these and look forward to your filtered take. Dividend paying value plays make up the bulk of ny portfolio. This isn't exactly value but would appreciate a few profiles for irregulars on small (250mm and below) firms not in [...]
On Microblog: Thoughts from Myron
Hi Myron, I appreciate the shout-outs of a few speculative high risk/high reward plays. Will appreciate if you can go deeper and profile a few of these (pros and cons) behind what you think is a good buy price and why (kinda like Travis does). Especially[...]
On Real Estate Updates, Earnings and Warrants, Plus a Guest Commentary
Thanks for the update. I'll be watching my ROIC warrants extra carefully now.[...]
On Microblog: SAND
I think that is true. Investech Newsletter (one of my most reliable sources) provided an analysis nearly two years ago. They are in the 'bubble' watching business and have an incredible history (reviewed here on Gumshoe). They mentioned golds target pri[...]
On Microblog: SAND
Sold today - I'm all out. Was a slight loss. I will check back in after a month. Glad I got out of the warrants[...]

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