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And as a result, I have no doubt they’ll be over 1 million customers well before the year is out. As the company CEO says, it’s on the path to becoming “the largest U.S. cannabis company in the world’s largest cannabis market.” And as one prominent media outlet put it, it will soon be “the […]

This company isn’t your Normal Cannabis Company by NO MEANS! Headquartered in New York City, Acreage is the largest vertically integrated multi-state owner of Cannabis licenses and assets in the U.S. STATES WITH OPERATING licenses according to public record, with 19 states serving a poplation of more then 172 million AmericaNS AN ESTIMATED MARKET OF […]

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On "Top Stock Under $3?" What's Carr's teased "America's #1 Pot Stock?"

I owned this stock for 2 years, and I've only lost Money! After reading this, I bought some more hoping it would bring my cost down, and possibly go up! NO, IT'S STILL GOING DOWN, A LITTLE MORE EVERYDAY![...]

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On What's "Tom Gardner's favorite marijuana stock?"

Namaste Losses Alert: Bernstein Liebhard LLP Announces That A Securities Class Action Lawsuit Has Been Filed Against Namaste Technologies Inc. - NXTTF[...]

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On "Kings of Canadian Cannabis" -- Michael Robinson's "$2,000,000 By This Time Next Year" Marijuana Teaser

I bought 5000 shares of India Globalization Capital Inc.- IGC - 6 weeks ago at .70 - This week the stock has gone up to 7.48 ??? I can't figure out WHY? Of course I'M HAPPY! I did well with Tilray also, but I kind of knew why it was going up! Anyone know[...]

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On Pain Management Versus Opioid Abuse: Glimmers of Light

I've been on Oxy for 20 years, after breaking my back and Neck, and many complications, and operations, from Michigan State to Cleveland Clinic. Some very grave out comes for me after doctor eras. Then I was Allergic to many of the pain meds. After being [...]

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