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From Motley Fool Singapore: This emerging technology could break 
the business model of one of Singapore’s most important industries

”Something BIG may be about to happen to Singapore’s finance sector” hinting at blockchain’s related stocks

Gold backed cryptos

Having read this article it seems that it would make a lot of sense for a bitg player in the gold industry to push a crypto backed by gold as it is likely, in my view, that this could drive up the price of gold too. Any thoughts on this?

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Dr KSS was right on this one![...]
On Elon Musk's Worst Nightmare - Unprepared for "Tesla Killer," sez Casey Research
Casey's guys are mostly wrong, like 90% of the time - no statistics behind, maybe Travis has smthng[...]
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KURE is another ETF choice, quite similar to CHNA but a bit lower expense ratio: 0.65% vs 0.79%[...]
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ANETs story resembles a lot NVDAs weakness during the past months, although ANET seems to be a lot more dependant on a few, large customers. @Travis, at what price level would you be interested in getting back into ANET?[...]
On Will Yastine's teased "Hypernet" bring riches as it makes the Internet obsolete?
not sure if any management would do a better job, the industry is basically captured by Huawei who are backed very strongly by China. 5G specific: Chineze government has decidd not to charge for licenses in China which has given their network operators and[...]
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I don't own Nokia (but I do Ericsson) yet I think there is more juice in it: 5G spectrum licenses haven't been awarded in Europe and EU's cybersecurity risk assessment (released on OCT-9th) is emphasizing the security risks and their salience in making 5G [...]
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nicotine is chocolate^3 or even more[...]
On Friday File: Stops, Nibbles, Pot Updates and a New Watchlist Stock
A possible explanation why NOK and ERIC do not move up can be found here: Basically, the biggest investment by far in 5G is expected to come from China (more[...]
On "This Defense Supplier Could Help the U.S. Win the Trade War... surge 1,127% within the next 6 months"
All Casey's ideas proved to be worthless, at least in the last two years[...]
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Being în the industry for the last 20 years, I'd say it will come a time when the shares of 5G vendors will go down as the rollout will be slower than the market expects, at least this was the case with 3G and 4G, so don't go all in right now, the opport[...]
On Nova-X Report's "Productivity Supercharger" Stock
#team great company w/ expensive stock at the moment, waiting for a better entry price[...]
On Ten Major Threats to Global Health According to the World Health Organization
I've been vaccinated against whooping cough when I was a kid but still got it last year (at 48 years of age), apparently the vaccine wasn't for life or provide 100% protection. Due to an initial misdiagnosis in Boston have taken antibiotics quite late and [...]
On Friday File: Amazon, Alphabet and Midterms -- turmoil time!
Travis, we know where you get your stop loss but where do you get the 'fair value' i.e. in NVDA's case the $170? Or FB where stop loss has triggered meaning it's time to sell but when it's time to buy from a value perspective?[...]
On Ask a Stupid Question...
Travis, could you publish, on the real money page, how does your whole portfolio look like, including your passive and active funds investments? I mean what is your % allocation to growth/value stocks, HY, short/long duration bonds, gold coins, gold miners[...]
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Brilliant summary on India Travis! Corruption is specifically not mentioned as a risk but, as compassion and spirituality makes space for greed...[...]
On Mampilly's "Bigger than Amazon and Google combined" Stock Tease
I'm all in for EV's and alternative energy and really hope we'll stop burning fossil fuel soonest but, what I fail to understand is why Tesla will thrive in such an environment? There are plenty of companies that produce EV's (I see some Renault's through [...]

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