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Hi, I’m an irregular subscriber and I haven’t received your newsletter for months. I get so many garbage emails that I just overlooked yours- which I read religiously. Howbout adding a couple months onto my subscription? I realize it’s partly my fault, but I didn’t ask for this suspension. Sincerely, Marty Mackowski

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On Dan Ferris teases "A Low-Risk Shot at 1,550% on the 'Best Business in the World'"


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On Leeb's "$26 Billion Treasure Trove 48 Miles North of the Arctic Circle" (Update)

Has anybody thought about the environmental impact of this road and the mining? Obviously Trump has no concerns about the environment, but sooner or later a Dem or a concerned Republican will set this project back to the dark ages.[...]

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On Solved: "WARNING: 'Golden Pill' May Make You Rich… " tease

Does anybody know anything about the new IPO pot stock coming out next Monday? John Boener and Willie Nelson are part of it.[...]

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On "Hyper-X" Weapons and "The Next Cold War"

Hey Travis. I bought a boatload of pot stocks, and most are just sitting around doing zip except for Marimed. Is there any one or company I can consult with about dropping or adding some pot stocks? Thanks[...]

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On Ask a Stupid Question...

Over the past year I have bought a number of MJ stocks. I'm way down on some of them. Can you give me a short answer about the following? ACCBF-down 47%; APRI-down 87%; EMMBE-43%; LHSIF-61%; NWURF-75%; and TWMJF- ?? Thanks for your help.[...]

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