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I did not invest in teledoc when it was reasonably priced , however, now might be an opportunity the only issue i have is that you have no ability to create a relationship with one doctor. you just get anyone, and for me thats a big problem was the spike in price partly linked with […]

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has looked into the growing. Usage of supercapacitors. The company I am interested in is capxx which concentrates on licensing its products ( world leading) to companies like Murata and recently TDK.

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On "Mars Tech IPO" lauded by "the billionaire behind Google and Amazon" is called by David Fessler, "The Next Stock of the Decade"

I purchased Ceres here in the Uk and it has been a great purchase with them having really good tie ups with big companies[...]

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On Alzheimer’s Disease: 2019 Refresher and Updates

This was immensely interesting as my mother has Alzheimer’s. You do not mention anywhere the research carried out by Dr Dale Bredesen and his recode protocol which has had a small trial that looks quite promising. Just wondered what your opinion would be[...]

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On Microblog: Supercapacitors growth

No I am looking at an Australian company called CAP XX. Their up is world class however their share problems ex has been up and down like a yo-yo. They currently haw lawsuits concerning infringements on their ip which should be resolved in June next year. [...]

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