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The Precision Profits System

I got an e-mail from Stansberry again to watch a video about The Precision Profits System that guarantees profits and has 2 guarantees – 1. Get your money back in 90 days 2. If you don’t have 12 100% winnders in the next year you get another year for free. They will have the video […]

Doug Casey – International Seculator

I just got another e-mail from Stansberry with a video for Doug Casey’s newsletter on Gold Stocks called ”International Speculator”. He normally charges $2,000 a year but will now charge only $1,495.00 with a 3 month guarantee. Has anyone ever signed up for this service, and if so, did you do well on it. If […]

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On Ask a Stupid Question...
I have a question. I got this email from Agora Financial with a video to watch about making money with their "Alpha Contracts". They talk about making money without buying stock, or selling options. They talk about locking in a "check" with no risks. [...]
On Fool's "Potential 'Backdoor' to Bitcoin Profits" Pick
I signed up with a $250.00 lifetime membership called the Altucher report which I can return. They promised 6 free videos on crypto currencies but I never got them until I emailed a few times. I saw the video for the 2K membership and thought if this guy[...]
On What's the "$12 Stock to Save the Internet?"
After writing my post, I went to close the site and got a pop up saying I can try it out for $1.00 for 30 days. What do you think. Should I do it for $1.00. I just don't want them charging my credit card for $299.00 when I cancel before 30 days.[...]
On What's the "$12 Stock to Save the Internet?"
Thank you Travis for this post and others that commented on it. Today I received an e-mail, I didn't watch the video but saw the sales pitch. Only at the bottom of the page it didn't say Michael Carr, the name was Ian Cooper. He is offering $299.00 for[...]
On What's being hinted at for Chris Mayer's Focus?
I received an email from Stansberry about the Chris Mayer Focus Webinar. (I have the Stansberry lifetime Flex alliance) and they send me e-mails for other services. I watched the Chris Mayer Focus yesterday and they offered a bonus of $2,500 for 2 year[...]
On Precision Profits
Precision Profits is under the Soveriegn Society and they have different subscriptions. I tried 3 of their expensive life time one's. Precision Profits was one of them. I returned all 3 of them because they did not have stop losses and unless you know a[...]
On Microblog: Sovereign Society-Precision Profits
I'm in the service and presently most of the trades are losers. I have the trial until November 15th and will be asking for my money back before that. I do Options trading and their strategies go against what most teach about buying calls and puts. They[...]
On A New Look for Stock Gumshoe
I noticed when looking up for example "Reader Started Discussions", you can only see one page of discussions. I can't find a link to more pages of discussions. Is this going to be addressed? Thanks.[...]
On Precision Profits
BARCELONA, your post scares me. I signed up with Precision Profits and am losing money. They added another 90 days trial (because of members complaining of losing trades) so now my subscriptions ends on November 15, 2016. This was the lifetime one and[...]
On Microblog: The Precision Profits System
Hello Frank I did sign up for Precision Profits Lifetime membership on March 27th and have 3 months to try it out. It cost a a lot especially in CDN dollars. I put it on hold as soon as I bought it because I was going to Cuba where the internet is lous[...]
On Microblog: The Precision Profits System
Ben, I have not heard of this system either. Frank, just out of curiosity, how much was the lifetime membership to Precision? Also, it sounds like you have to be at your computer all the time to get into the trades. I work full time. I do shift work s[...]
On Microblog: The Precision Profits System
Hi Ben, Thank you for the welcome and the link to Travis's thread for new members. Avery[...]
On Microblog: The Precision Profits System
Thanks FrankGr for commenting. If I do sign up at the $1495.00 price it has to be by this evening. Unfortunately, being Canadian, I have a huge exchange rate to deal with and would be paying close to $2,200 CDN. I have lost money on other Option alert [...]
On Microblog: The Precision Profits System
I am already a Gumshoe Irregular. That's one reason I joined so that I could get answers to my questions. I did put Precision Profits into the search box on Gumshoe but did not see any articles about it and that's why I asked my question. I just looked [...]
On Altius and Callinan, Interest Rates, and a new one for the Watchlist
My Chiropractor has a major broker who told him about Grenville Royalty last year and he paid 0.80 cents a share. I am Canadian and recently subscribed to Gordon Pape's wealth newsletter (a Canadian who writes about Canadian financial stuff) and Grenvil[...]
On Zika & MERS Vaccine teaser solution: "My Best Idea Right Now" from Dave Lashmet at Stansberry Venture
I signed up for Stansberry Venture and was told I could get a deal at $5,000 for lifetime (normally $8.500 for a lifetime) with a yearly fee of $199.00 for admin fees. I was paying it in 2 payments of $2,500 and had 30 days to try it out. Tomorrow I will[...]
On Microblog: Doug Casey - International Seculator
The title should have read International Speculator - I should have checked my spelling before posting.[...]

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