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Just finished listening to a very polished video presentation. Quick and dirty, for $2,000/year Marc’s supercomputer and staff pick companies with good cash flow who are about to provide their first dividend, which Marc claims is the trigger event that leads them to exponential growth. Very compelling. Is there valid research that companies who begin […]

I’m listening to a long, aren’t they always long, presentation via the Oxford Club, on the legalization of marijuana and the multi, multi possible returns if you get into the right stocks and avoid the losers. Some preliminary research shows that this is a bill in Canada, though the presentation implies it’s the US. My […]

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On Ask a Stupid Question...

Many thanks[...]

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On Ask a Stupid Question...

Aside from Yahoo Finance, what’s the best site for comparing 4 dissimilar stocks one is considering to purchase? I’ve already looked at all the fundamentals on Yahoo, but am looking for more analysis to help me choose one, from SHOP TTD AAXN & ADBE. [...]

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On Microblog: Bill C-45 Oxford Marijuana video teaser

the pitch (12 winning stocks, he says)[...]

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On Supplements and Drugs: the Feud Redux

Thank you for the article. The whole field of supplements is torturous for non-medical consumers. I've been through the cycle of taking vitamins only to have a doc tell me that the latest studies show their efficacy to minimal. Now, with the net, I try [...]

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