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Christian DeHaemer is talking about a large future shortage of doctors and how one company has the lock on a ”Physician Robot” that will do a Doctors job with him in some other office, or even another city. These robots are even being used now. Anybody know what this is?

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On Two Stocks for King's "Spectrum" -- Is this the "Future of All Technology?"

Looks like this chap has a loyal following of satisfied customers. First one I've see with a 5 star rating. Would love to have some subscribers chip in and learn more about his success. Always looking for an adviser who really knows his stuff.[...]

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On Friday File: Thoughts on Gold and Commodities (and a few Real Money Portfolio updates)

It appears everyone is in tune with gold and is not mentioning silver which has much more industrial value. Any comments on where silver may go this year?[...]

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On What's Casey's "The New Ethereum?"

I stopped going to these "presentations" and webinars months ago. You never get to the real meat of the info unless you buy their newsletter. I agree with John, long winded BS slingers wasting my time telling me about their few successful investments.[...]

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On Friday File: More Pot Sermonizing, a Portfolio Update, and some Hedging

Regarding the Hurricane aftermath. Have you considered what repairing that level of damage will do to home improvement companies like Home Depot and Lowe's? It would seem there is going to be a huge demand and a significant bump in their stock prices.[...]

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On What's Wyatt's "iPolice App" to stop shootings?

James Altucher is also trolling a "Shots Fired" system if you subscribe to his $2000 a year newsletter. Sounds like the same business and not worth a subscription at that price.[...]

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On Radical Technology Profits

I have been following Stellar for a year. Nick Hodge has it in his newsletter. It has been very volatile and I have lost as much as I gained. It sounds REALLY good the way it's presented, but not so good in performance. A long term shot at best.[...]

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On Microblog: Thoughts from Myron—Rare Earths, Colored Diamonds and Graphite

Myron Martin. You mentioned you had the name of the wholesaler of the colored diamonds in Canada. Would you please post it. I have to get my dollars into something solid. Thanks.[...]

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