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I have received yet another promotion for John Doody’s Gold Stock Analyst this time costing $495 for which you get not only his top 10 gold tips but some silver ones as well and a video of a forthcoming conference . On top of the subscription is of course the cost of investing in the […]

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On Friday File: Smoke in the Box

As I understand it EverArc is a UK-listed SPAC-equivalent which is buying Perimeter Solutions from a private equity fund almost entirely for cash. While the company concept may be good it is usually the case that this kind of seller will have extracted as[...]

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On Friday File: Quarterly Pressure on Small(er) Tech, plus a few buys and speculations

I am also an enthusiast for warrants. Another company with them which you have mentioned recently is MarketWise -MKTWW. I cannot find out very much about them. Any thoughts anyone?[...]

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On Friday File: "Never go Down" Inflation Investments and Some Price Updates

You may be interested to know that Greenhaven Road Capital highlights MarketWise in their Q2 newsletter concluding with the rather-backhanded comment 'We may not be interested in having (their) content in our inboxes, but it has a spot in our portfolio.' [...]

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On Friday File: Insurance and Tech Updates (and buys)

Not related to this but could someone who watched the latest Stansberry promotion with its 'final surge portfolio' (no doubt to be followed by a Melt Down portfolio) tell me what the two tips were. I sat through almost all but got so fed up with the relent[...]

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On Friday File: 'Cuba Portfolio Foundation Stocks,' Venture update, REITs, and What I'm Thinking of Buying

Or you could invest in The Herzfeld Caribbean Basin Fund (NASDAQ: CUBA) although it is standing at a rather optimistic 11 % premium (share price $7.14 compared to $6.44 NAV). While some of its holdings make sense as part of a play on Caribbean tourism the[...]

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