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My question is: Why would anyone who can predict extraordinary gains in a stock and subsequently double their money share that with others for any price. If you can double your money it does not take long before you have all the money in the world. My first thought is; they are so philanthropic that […]

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On What's Jeff Brown teasing in his "Timed Stocks Summit?"

Wonderful for you! good job, My military pension is $40 month added to my USA SS check. NZD is more generous with vets than US. Can you share your success?[...]

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On Microblog: angels + entrepreneurs network

As far as i can tell it is class D investments which means . I interpret those rules as far as AEN (Angles and Entrepreneurs Network) to mean that they only list opportunities that are in the Title II; Regulation D: Rule 506(c) category. So if I make less[...]

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On Solving Mampilly's "Tech Industry Set to Surge 76,000% (And the One Stock You Must Buy Today to Cash In)"

Class Action Lawsuit Against Micron Technology, Inc. - MU 2/1/19[...]

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On Rickards: "This $0.70 Crypto Game Changer Could Make You a FORTUNE in 2018… Starting Next Monday"

I worked for IBM for 30 years and never heard of them speculating on Currency except pounds or euros etc. I think he means IBM is selling or leasing the hardware and software to run the network and it may even be a test site for IBM;s future ventures into [...]

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On Cabot's "stock of the week" for Health Savings Accounts


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