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Just a heads up on this recent AGORA sales pitch. Nomi Prins is def. a smart lady but for $2000/yr(?) they sell you a great concept, ONLY thing is they NEVER mention that these all involve OPTIONS of which I do not do! Not one word of OPTIONS until AFTER you pay a huge NON-Refundable […]

Hello fellow ”Gummers”! Anyone purchase/subscribe to Porter Stansberry’s NEW and improved ”Gold AND Silver Investor” program yet? I cannot afford another $1750/yr subscription but do think highly of Stansberry and would love to know the list of his approx 20 stock picks as related to silver. Guessing they are mostly mining stocks and maybe a […]

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On Ask a Stupid Question...

Wow, well, you asked for it Travis! How about giving us your opinion on a extremely unique investment which is under the "public benefits corporation" arena and the name of this entity is "To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science" via former musician Tom D[...]

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On Weekly Fortunes

OMG! What a complete disaster this Skykes program is! I spent $850 for a 3 month trial which ends 4/20/18. Not really a "day trader" and do know the penny stock risks but thought I'd spend some time playing with pennies while waiting for the next market cr[...]

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On Microblog: Any insight into the Tim Sykes Penny Stock summit he's holding this week?

Yikes! Not sure when this crazy market will bust so thought I'd try Sykes Weekly Fortunes for 3 month trial period at $850 instead of the outrageous $3K/yr NON refundable. What a disaster this has been and a total waste of $850. First 3 trades all HUGE LOS[...]

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On Rickards: "This $0.70 Crypto Game Changer Could Make You a FORTUNE in 2018… Starting Next Monday"

Thanks for saving me the time Paul, yes, I did exactly as Rickards suggested but did NOT know about a week+for funds to transfer if I used my checking acct so still waiting for ETH to fund in CoinBase then switch into Bianance then swap ETH for XLM........[...]

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On What is Stock Gumshoe, and Who Are These Authors?

Renewed my subscription once again to keep myself from getting suckered into all of this "get rich overnite" Newsletters. Best $50 bucks spent and enjoy the thoughtful well written articles. Keep up the good work as we are going to need it in 2018+ as thin[...]

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On Microblog: Dr. Richard Smith's Tradestops

Stuartmd, me too. Have life time membership on all Rickards programs. Spent big bucks, you'd think Rickard's would just incorporate TradeStop into his expensive service that I already paid for?? I feel like I'm being "sold up AGAIN" despite already pay[...]

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On Strategic Intelligence

Hey Gang, a paid member of Gumshoe which has saved me money on lots of bogus newsletters and do appreciate Travis big time (heck, even got my 75 yr old mom reading him to fact check Newsletters! Mom says "Hello Travis"!) On Rickards, have to admit, NOT a [...]

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On Pain Management Versus Opioid Abuse: Glimmers of Light

I just ordered KRATOM via an old friend's wife who is a cancer researcher++ and recommended trying Kratom for weaning down on vicodin of which I take for blown back disc, also claims it helps with anxiety, pain and depression. Makes weaning off opiates eas[...]

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On Pain Management Versus Opioid Addiction: A Troubling Quandary

To Louis, your story sounds similar to a good friend of mine. 10 years of trying every antidepressant with NO relief. Then he blew a back disc, had simple surgery but ended up in unexpected 4 days of incredible pain that could not be stopped. They gave him[...]

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On Friday File: "Why This Big Data Company is Set to Jump on Earnings Again"... plus Increases to Two Stubborn Positions

Hey James, same here! Love Jim Rickards but just my luck as I bought into gold at height of mid 2016 and underwater now but have high hopes for gold in general and esp. of his and Travis recommendations on anything gold related as this mega debt induced b[...]

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On Stansberry's "Goldwater... Single BIGGEST Gold Discovery in 12 Years"

And this is exactly why I "happily" renewed my subscription to "Travis Time". Nice reality check on this useless hype by Stansberry. I've always respected Porter but he must be getting desperate when pushing one old gold ticker for $1750+$49/yr! I'd rather[...]

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On Friday File, part two: A Look at some Goldies

Thank you so much for this in depth analysis on gold and appreciate you sharing your own purchases with us. After a few years of daily reading and understanding this mega debt crises, loss of faith in fiat currency, not being a "day trader" I can find no o[...]

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On What's Fitz-Gerald's "Big Tobacco Must Pay" Teaser all about?


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On Friday File: Interest Rates, REITs, Bitcoin and Berkshire

Call me old and low tech but I am still baffled as to how Bitcoin can be allowed to exist by the various countries as it seems like counterfeiting to me. Gold is heavily manipulated down in price by US Gov to prop USD up so why would we let a fake, compute[...]

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On What's Matt Badiali's "Magic Metal" Pitch About?

And this is exactly why I feel great about sending Travis a few bucks each year for this kind of GREAT analysis and from saving me from buying yet another Newsletter and a stock that is way over promised! Think I'll stick to gold/silver as planned. Don't s[...]

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On The Miracle Cures Keep Coming 

Not endorsing Hitler shmuck's story but there are many more cures available than we are told. Just for you folks that have the time to study "what might be out there".....study Ufology, WWII, Nazi's, Antarctica, ET's, Admiral Byrd's 1947 expedition to Anta[...]

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On "God's Gold" at less than $9 a share teased by Jim Rickards

Well, if it makes you feel any better, I paid more than $3K for Rickards Gold Speculator at first, then went full "life time member" on all 5 of his services and daily newsletters. Unfortunately I invested in gold right at height of gold prices mid 2016 so[...]

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On Supplements and Drugs: the Feud Redux

Well, I come to Gumshoe to keep me from getting suckered into my yet another "get rich overnight" Newsletter and it has saved me a lot of money and have learned a lot. Having said that it was a nice surprise to read an article on supplements. I am 55 and a[...]

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On Friday File: Apple, Miners, Wanna-Buys and more

Thanks to Travis, sold out WATT the day BEFORE Apple7 launch and made a small profit but am interested in buying WATT again long term as soon as the price settles to Travis' estimate of $11ish per share. Sounds like a great "disruptive technology" to buy s[...]

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On Quick Note: New Short Sale

Whoops, meant to say Ray Blanco, NOT Dalia![...]

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