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Karim Rahemtula from Money Morning Press is advertising via video a trip to Cypress where he found gas offshore ready for plucking now that the government needs funds. Does anyone know the NYSE company involved?

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On Solving Mampilly's "Tech Industry Set to Surge 76,000% (And the One Stock You Must Buy Today to Cash In)"

Paul's most recent shift has focus on simple warehouses. Inside, folks are working on the blockchain to encase the whole world in a new form of living technically. Any clues as to the$3 stock he now touts in these warehouses developing the future for all[...]

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On Morgan Report's "Fuse is Lit on This Silver Miner" Stock

TKRFF, TINKA RESOURCES, another silver project with big interest on hold.[...]

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On Kent Moors teases his "'Infinite Power' Nano-Grid" Stock for 38,901% Gains

Some of today's material resonates with a recent ad/discussion of stealing sales from Tesla because the controller was from a different source. Here he discusses solar, batteries and controller which monitors in real time. Am I striking a chord or simply [...]

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On Nick Hodge's "Blue Light" Cancer Detection Device

PRINTING FOUL. For awhile, you had a print now button at the end of your personal writeup. using it, i would get a clear print. The button is no longer there. Printing out a commentary now causes overprint from the right hand margin stuff. Is there [...]

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On Microblog: Executor / Estate...help

I would first check recent IRS or state income returns. Hard copy files often have 1099s attached to file copy. As executor you should be able to get a printout at IRS. If he was a widower, I would also check IRS under deceased spouse SSN. If compute[...]

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On What's Patrick Cox's New Obesity-Fighting Teaser Drug Stock?

The average American eats about one third of a pound of sugar per day. (Not simply the white stuff, but all of the commercial forms included, like corn syrup.) Research appears to indicate a direct impact on health, even to the point of now tracking sucr[...]

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