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On Options for Income
Did he give you a refund.? , he promisies a refund ~[...]
On Options for Income
Did he give you a refund.? , he promisies a refund ~[...]
On Microblog: Ray Blanco's latest pitch about an imminent cure for Alzheimer's
What is Blanco's latest. Is it DNLI?[...]
On DeHaemer and "The Four ‘Coal Contracts’ You Need to Claim by March 8th"
Not exactly. I saw where if you wanted to make a percentage of coal. You have $300,000.00 invested. Your amount of the percentage amounts to $1000.00 a quarter. He didn't say how much the contract was worth. Plus you can still lose. So having $20 in this t[...]
On DeHaemer and "The Four ‘Coal Contracts’ You Need to Claim by March 8th"
We need trade. What does China need? COAL[...]
On DeHaemer and "The Four ‘Coal Contracts’ You Need to Claim by March 8th"
China is to purchase more from us as they don't have quality coal and we have a deficit with them.[...]
On Tom Gentile's Money Calendar
I am a charter member of Alpha-9 Trader and there is a way to get a refund on their guarantee after waiting a year. Tom Gentile's 100% money-back guarantee does state if you don't see 250 chances to double your money in a year's time, he will refund eve[...]
On Elfenbein's "Merck of Marijuana" teased as "Undervalued compared to other cannabis companies"
CTST appears to be a total loser. Look at the stock chart for past few months: in the toilet. I drank the Cool Aid and bought in at $10, dumped some at 7 and the rest at $5. Today it is $2.77, on 7.19.19.[...]
On Sjuggerud's "Favorite Way to Profit from Trump's 'Trade War'"
I made a good profit on Tencent months ago, and bailed while I had my 20% gain (that took only a few months to get). Lost money on Baidu; I won't touch China stocks much. A good friend who works for a Chinese-owned tech company in North Andover, MA, a smal[...]
On Microblog: Bill Poulos - instant options income, options trading, also gold options trading
Hello Gum Shoer's ' If I have to do anything X-tra for $3 grand would be bullshit. This Bill Polus guy , Something tells me not to trust him because of his accent and that's what i'm going on. Like he said this is been out for 2 decades , I haven't heard a[...]
On Matt McCall's Investment Opportunities
Just so you know, if you're lucky, there are two stocks on the calendar each month. Don't expect more than that. I thought there would be more than that.[...]
On Microblog: Storage of Electricity - #Batteries & BIG image
$MGXMF - MGX Minerals Announces Subsidiary MGX Renewables Inc. Approved to List on the Canadian Securities Exchange[...]
On Microblog: One Pot Stock to Retire on?
Why don't you give Mr President Trump a break seems like a other President Nixon crap shoot again stop wasting tax dollars trying tricky dick Issues that's not helping our country out we have bigger fish to fry!!!![...]
On What's Koyfman's "Perfect $1 Pot Stock?"
It would appear that crop has made some progress. May 30, 2019 – VANCOUVER, BC – CROP INFRASTRUCTURE CORP. (“CROP” or the “Company”) (CSE: CROP) (OTC: CRXPF) (Frankfurt: 2FR) announces today that ELITE VENTURES GROUP, LLC (“Elite”), a Nevad[...]
On Two Stocks for King's "Spectrum" -- Is this the "Future of All Technology?"
Very good idea, thanks![...]
On Microblog: Storage of Electricity - #Batteries & BIG image
Heh heh....Hey 1paglee, what's a buggywhip? Oh, that right. Those things that you needed to move your horses and carriages around before cars........and trains.......and airplanes.....and rockets........get my drift? Don't take this personally, but LOTS[...]
On Microblog: Storage of Electricity - #Batteries & BIG image
$FYI - The latest from Energy Storage News - 7/18/2019 Some of today articles; Sunrun solar-plus-battery systems to hasten the demise of California gas peaker plant Approved: Georgia Power’s plan to own and operate 80MW of battery energy stora[...]
On Lightning Trend Trader
Lightning Trends Trader ran a new pitch for 5 Biotech stocks , here is the link anyone care to comment I believe PTLA is one of the stocks?[...]
On Microblog: Storage of Electricity - #Batteries & BIG image
$FYI - AltEnergyMag Newsletter - July 17th, 2019 Some of todays articles; What is MWT? Best Emerging Technologies for Solar Energy New Solar Permit Software to Reduce Costs and Expand Residential Markets Electric Vehicle Energy Storage: IDTechEx[...]
On Microblog: what is george gilder's moonshot stock using AI and crypto blockchain security?
Well it's a good thing I only purchased a very small amount if IDEX. Down 33% in 10 days. Ouch! I sure hope Gilder isn't pulling the wool over our eyes, or got snookered by his partners in this investment scheme. I respect him, and hate to see this just [...]

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