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This ”service” from Raging Bull deserves its own review. Awful! Horrible! Avoid! Right now, the portfolio consists of 6 options. Two are worthless. The portfolio itself is down 32%. I have no idea how Kyle Dennis’s picks are so consistently bad. He’s part of the Raging Bull marketing series so they have the marketing down […]

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On Jason Bond Picks
The higher end services with the live chat rooms are all four figures. I spent more than $10,000 on their "services," and my account when down 25%.[...]
On Jason Bond Picks
When I was a member of Millionaire Roadmap, I had "free" access to Petra Picks. It was awful. I'd say it's the worst of the services. And I (stupidly) tried them all.[...]
On Jason Bond Picks
As an update, I ended up losing money on Jeff Bishop as well. Didn't renew. Haven't renewed on any of these "services."[...]
On Jason Bond Picks
Thank you. Just emailed them. I'm willing to testify. Also, thanks to checking updates on this thread, I emailed Raging Bull to reconfirm that I won't auto-renew when my subscription ends. My account shows that auto-renew is off, but I don't want to [...]
On Predictive Financial Services
I still get emails from them three or four times a day. They haven't gone out of business. Just got one I'm about to look at. Placed two yesterday afternoon. In fact, the two trades I made yesterday are nicely up, and the two they recommended this mo[...]
On Predictive Financial Services
With you, Julie. You need to be thoughtful about how you use this service. After a few 100% losses, I now place stops on all of their trades. Still making very good money on their recommendations and will renew for a year next month.[...]
On Microblog: The Seven Figure Formula
I don't know what he is talking about in the teaser but I signed up for the ($79, refundable for a year) subscription. The portfolio is scary. 9 positions dating back to September. One is WAY up (197%), one is up 29%, and four are down more than 20%. T[...]

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