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So I’m sure many of you have heard Stansberry pounding the drum that they are joining with Jim Rogers to predict the next CRASH. They went all in, as this time the push was advertised on CNBC, XM Radio and more. They promised to give the ”best bear market stock to own” for free at […]

Stansberry’s Steve Sjuggerud along with Porter Stansberry are out campaigning for a event they are calling the meltupinar. They promise to share a recommendation with 1000% potential gains for free. I’m not tuning in, afraid to get lured by their bait to sign up for $1000s when I’m sure that Travis along with the community […]

If only they paid me a quarter for each email they sent me! In reality though, The Motley Fool Is one newsletter company that i think deserves respect, and i really have an urge to sign up. But its hard to dish out $2.500 for a marijuana newsletter. Does anyone have an inside scoop on […]

Ken Millstone, in the name of Stansberry Research, is quitting stocks for his children’s college accounts. Instead he is investing in something way safer with way better returns; ’Penny bonds’. I know Travis and the Mighty Thinkalator on vacation, but does anyone know what he’s talking about?

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On Friday File: Year In Review

Thanks for this update and all you do the Gumshoe community! Have a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year!![...]

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On What's Ferris' "Smallest Extreme Value Stock in 7 Years?"

Travis the 40k number includes about 2-3 thousand of his subscribers and Alliance members who get to chose a couple of services... We know a value newsletter doesnt get that type of attention. And I agree with you that from the newsletter industry, he sou[...]

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On 2020 Turkey of the Year

If you are careful to properly title Tom and Dave Gardner on your Google sheet, this may be the year that brings Tom back to be neck n’ neck with David. He has been lagging for a while. But it’s been a great year for growth guys like Motley. Tra[...]

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On Friday File: Earnings and Elections

Travis, great report! Another point about $IIPR you dont really touch on; one of the biggest services they are doing for their tenants is the fact that these marijuana companies cant purchase land. this will go away with total legalization, thus setting b[...]

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On What's "Motley Fool's Double Down Stock" Pitched by Tom Gardner?

Is this a Tom Stock? or had David Gardner been on this boat too?[...]

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On Friday File: How about Hedging?

Another gem! Can’t believe you didn’t mention selling call options as a hedging strategy. That is the ultimate bet that a stock won’t go up... Any thoughts?[...]

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On Friday File: Gambling on Sports, Micro-Dosing on Stocks

Hey Travisn another jem of a FridayFile! Would you consider selling a larger part of your $IIPR position and buy long dated calls instead? Those calls aren't crazy priced...[...]

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On Annual Review, Part 4

Amazing work Travis! Would love to hear your take on the New Berkshire moves. Like the new stake in kroger, and Index funds (both $spy and $voo)[...]

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On Three more "Secret" Stocks for this "50X" opportunity

The issue I take with $CHNA is that it has $7 Million in assets. If it closes down (which it might) you receive a check with forced capital gains (assuming there were gains, and it was in a taxable account).[...]

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On Friday File: Earningspalooza Overload -- Two Sells, Four Buys and a dozen updates

@Travis are you an analyst?? The quality of your #FridayFiles are just incredible!![...]

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On Friday File: Stops, Nibbles, Pot Updates and a New Watchlist Stock

I think the biggest risk to $IIPR is widespread legalization. I f the federal government legalizes Marijuana than all the growers can get mortgages to buy properties themselves, and wont need them anymore. #IIPR[...]

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On Friday File: Sin Status

Thanks Travis! Neet work! I am surprised none of the newsletters are teasing $DELL. With their VMware spinoff possibility there might be lots of value locked in. Any thoughts on thus?[...]

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On Friday File: China, Data Center and 5G Shakeup... plus a couple boring buys

Gotta say, from all the memberships I need to pay for (think; Netflix, Spotify, Apple News+, Hulu, Barron's...) the one that I am the happiest to pay for is StockGumshoe!!! Travis you are amazing![...]

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On Microblog: Stanberry Bear Market Summit

Hmmm... They have been pushing this stock for a couple of months now. But thanks @Lael for the quick response.[...]

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On Friday File: Mini Panics over Growth, a New Royalty Company, and a few Portfolio Updates

I applaud Citron for coming out with their promise to donate $200k to charity if $SHOP trades for more than $200/per share in 12 months. But I think Andrew should first apologize for his accusations of the company just 18 months ago. Also, I saw The Motle[...]

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On Microblog: where to invest? I, am new to investing in stocks

You should probably work with a financial advisor, and not bet your retirement funds on internet recommendations. Especially if you need to ask.[...]

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On Microblog: Naspers to List on the European Stock Exchange

Steve Sjugerjud of Stansberry Research says this is a game changer, He has been pushing Naspers for a while now...[...]

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On Ferris' "The Hands-Down, No. 1 Pick of My Career" Pitch

@Travis we should have a thread here, where you (and the #Gumshoe community) talks about what would be the stock of their choice, had they been forced to put their entire net worth into it![...]

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On Microblog: Sjuggerud's Melt-up update

Did you sign up for the portfolio?[...]

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On Best Teaser Stocks of the Year

@travis since I discovered you investing got much easier for me! Cant thank you enough!! Happy new years to you and yours! I also want to take the opportunity to thank the Gumshoe community for sticking together and helping out one another! CHEERS!! #ST[...]

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