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Mike Ward, Money Map Press, and Peter Krauth, Real Asset Returns, promote small palladium miner under $2.00 plus an option trade, all based on Russia’s dwindling supply. Anyone follow palladium to know what stock they’re promoting?

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On Microblog: What is James Altucher's pitch on a pre-IPO that's going to return unbelievable returns

Got buy-mail today. Any news on how his friends are getting filthy rich?[...]

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On Looking into Jeff Brown's "The 'God Key': The Most Revolutionary Biotechnology Since Antibiotics…"

Pharma, whether it's research, manufacturing, or drug distribution, is in it for big bucks. We suffer their greed by thinking that a drug will 'cure' ill health. We also suffer their greed by supporting their research, manufacturing and distribution whe[...]

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On What's Jason Stutman's $7 "iPhone Killer" Stock?

What's your plan to assist Robin?[...]

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