ANGEL FINANCIAL’s “Energy Investor” pitches “how to Bank 1,00% on the BlUE GOLD RUSH

Keith Kohl pumps American’s only blue gold mine that is about to go into production this year. The demand for cobalt in use in batteries is going up, up, and up. This one dollar stock COULD be ten bucks in a year, perhaps thirty… What mine and stock is he pumping?

gdoggcrunch says:
Check ECSIF -- eCobalt Solutions. http://www.ecobalt.com/news/news-releases/ecobalt-provides-corporate-update-20180124 They are starting Construction this year. NOT going…

You Now Have ONE Final Window of Opportunity to Turn a Single $100 Bill into a Retirement Fortune in the Crypto Markets And It Closes on September 30th, 2018…” -James Altucher

Anyone know anything about the 3 penny cryptos he suggests? pro.chooseyourselffinancial.com/p/ALR_bitcoinsbullrun_0918/EALRU9AS/?a=13&o=90004&s=107378&u=8428033&l=1580018&r=MC2&vid=TZ562k&g=0&h=true

Ken Russell says:
The post I listened to said October 26, when Amazon had their upcoming conference call.

frofro says:
Thank you Gr8Full! :)

True Wealth’s Steve Shuggerud’s take on Tencent

In Steve Shuggerud’s latest report of ”True Wealth” he calls Tencent a SELL. Today, I read an advertisement where Steve calls Tencent the buy of a lifetime. Obviously, I either have things wrong or at best, I’m confused !!! I’d appreciate irregulars and of course what Travis thinks. I hope you all will share your […]

Michael Robinson’s latest pitch about the new Oct 17th Marijuana Millionaires Law —What 3 Canadian Pot Stocks is he Teasing??

Michael Robinson/Mike Ward have a new 1 Hour long video trying to get you to invest in Radical Technology Profits with a teaser report ”The Kings of Canadian Cannabis” in which they claim you can make millions by investing in these three stock before Oct 17th.

Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe
Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe says:
That’s a common thought, but we should all be teaching ourselves that comparing companies by share price is meaningless.…

hd123sftail says:
I was just thinking that the price of emerald is less than village farms but I didn't take the size…

The whole view of medical marijuana has evolved it is now one of the most explosive industries to hit the market, The

question facing us is which companies to put our money behind. It’s being used in pro-sports like the NHL and now the NFL for head injuries because of its ability to cross the blood brain barrier. They now have extraction techniques to make THC in such powerful strengths that the full benefits of using that […]

steveflick says:
Ted Ohashi, Let's Toke Business enewsletter suggests, if you own only one cannabis stock, make it CGC Canopy Growth.…

Leeb says, “At $2 a Share, Our Hero Company is an Absolute Steal Right Now”

Stephen Leeb is out with a new teaser pitch for his Real World Investing, and it’s pretty typical of the “high end” letters — he promises access to a secret stock that has an extraordinary asset that no one knows about… and he’ll give you the info for your $1,495 subscription payment. With no refunds, […]

Gr8Full! says:
#Cu $IVPAF, #Ni #Co #Sc #H20 $CTEQF, #Zn $NCZ.asx First two choices Robert Friedland's , The 3rd…

Richard VEDDER says:
Leeb also wrote a book a few years ago that our oil supply was almost gone.

Friday File: More Pot Sermonizing, a Portfolio Update, and some Hedging

Have you been watching what’s going on with the trendy pot stocks lately? Holy crap. This reminds me now of 1999 more than it reminds me of the cryptocurrency bubble of this past winter — these larger marijuana companies, like many of the dot com companies (and unlike most cryptos, of course), are real businesses […]

epicprince says:
Marijuana is not cheap, yet it is extremely easy to grow. The green rush hype sounds like a…

steveflick says:
Hi willi75, you might be interested in reading Stock Gumshoe's September 20 article "“Kings of Canadian Cannabis” — Michael Robinson’s…

Market Hero/ Steven Brooks

I’ve recently seen a few teaser webinars from Steven Brooks for his Market Hero trading service, through StonyBrook Securities. Mostly options trading. Cannot find any info on web re this Steven Brooks, other than YouTube videos. Seems there was another person with this name a few years ago who ran a scam. Is anyone familiar […]

Mark White says:
I also saw his ads and attended the webinar. Sounded interesting, but also could not find any reviews- either…

“Kings of Canadian Cannabis” — Michael Robinson’s “$2,000,000 By This Time Next Year” Marijuana Teaser

Michael Robinson runs the technology/venture newsletters for Money Map Press, and he’s out with yet another marijuana promo — after all, any newsletter that doesn’t jump on board the marijuana stock rocket is deemed pretty much irrelevant these days, just like any newsletter without a “crypto expert” was ignored in January. So yes, now Michael […]

rene6985 says:
my friend bought TRLY and he make $16 last 2 months ago

Kris says:
Contact any of the team at Stewart Farms (Kevin, Tanner etc)

Zach Scheidts Income Box

He claims to have an algorithm that picks up front trades from dark pools? You subscribe for $2,000?? Is this a scam? I think you can monitor dark pool trades for a lot less?

Haven’t covered it... but no, not in the literal sense. And please, please don’t ever borrow money to subscribe…

Brady says:
Hey, Travis! That Magic Sqwauk Box by Zach Scheidt is Baaaack.... is it really true that he can send you…

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