written by reader Why is Marketaxess dropping

I am a holder of marketaxess long-term and will not sell out until it hits $1000 a share. However, it had dropped significantly from its high of $606 to nearly $515. Does anyone know why? Is it just insiders/institutions selling the high or something more?

written by reader Eric Wade’s Six Crypto Coins That Will Soar

Has anyone heard the Stansberry / Eric Wade pitch for Cryptos that will make the next millionaires? Listened to the sales pitch and they say #1 is Bitcoin. The others were not named but were said to revolutionize the Credit Card Industry. And then Big Banks, Banking On Line, and Financial Fraud. This over the […]

Jesse P Behringer says:
Like Bitcoin in 2008, its yet to get valued and you have to be invited to mine it. GO GET…


Based on Exro Technologies claims (Symbol EXROF), this new Canadian start up has developed the most important advancement in electric motor function in the last 100 years. Their design permits electric motors for wide spread useage to variably adjust both required torque and power demands in real time for their intended application. This major advantage […]

Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe
Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe says:
I've been one of the skeptics, so congratulations to you both. Hope it works out.
rlevine99 says:
I have been all in on this one since april and obviously thrilled. I posted about it here earlier in…

written by reader Bitcoin – is it a Ponzi Scheme or not?

Folks: I’ve been reading Kuppy’s AdventruesInCapitalism for years and he recently posted two article you may want to read if you are interested in Bitcoin or any of the Alt Coins – https://adventuresincapitalism.com/2020/07/28/my-favorite-ponzi-scheme/ https://adventuresincapitalism.com/2020/11/16/my-favorite-ponzi-scheme-part-ii/ While I’m not sure if I think Bitcoin is a “Ponzi Scheme” I do think his arguments that Bitcoin has a […]

Jesse P Behringer says:
Like Bitcoin in 2008, its yet to get valued and you have to be invited to mine it. GO GET…
papakaz says:
I fully agree that crypto's will thrive in the future as the governments can't really control them. People will trust…

written by reader The 12 Million Mile Battery

Anyone know this story? “The 12 Million Mile Battery” Tesla recently announced the coming “1 million mile battery” shocking the world. But … that battery is already here. Thanks to a former Tesla employee, one of the company’s “Original 7” beat Tesla to the punch. His energy innovation is so powerful it can send a […]

2020 Turkey of the Year

This year has seen more than its share of wildly successful investments, largely playing off of the pandemic — led by biotechnology stocks trying to treat, fight or prevent COVID-19 infections, and the (mostly technology) stocks that rode the accelerating adoption of remote work and play in the wake of “stay at home” and “social […]

hariszafar says:
Travis, thank you for keeping us safe from snake oil salesman. My Turkey of year is Gan Limited. It is…
Thanks, but we have a rule: no Christmas talk allowed until I’ve had my first Turkey sandwich on Friday!

Is Alzheimer’s Disease Caused by Bacteria?   And Is There a Sure and Simple Cure? 

If the answer to those two questions should turn out to be an unequivocal “Yes!” that would definitely be cause for champagne and fireworks.   Sorry to say that for now, at least, we have to put the champagne and fireworks on hold.   But, who knows, might there be something – a few snippets […]

bigdchan says:
Doc Gumshoe, How can I find your older articles?
Kou says:
In the end, what has happened to the effect on the Alzheimer's disease by this Promind Complex? Was it not…

written by reader Lou Basenese’s Biotech Breakout Alert

I just heard Lou’s pitch for his Biotech Breakout Alert. He claims to be tracking the FDA Form 1571 regarding the status of clinical trials. Has anyone subscribed to this or any of his previous publications? What has been the quality of his recommendations?

nrggate says:
After I posted my earlier request, I did my best Travis imitation (with all due respect, Travis) and sussed all…
betterdog777 says:
No clue on that pitch or Lou’s latest new pitch on Elon Musk’s taking over the internet. Cable tv to…

written by reader Fraudulent company

Any one got advise on how to get my money back from Raging bull. I paid for there lotto x promotion and I have never received any information from them. I asked for my money back and received nothing back. Any advise will be welcomed.

bunion132 says:
I believe the standard advice on this site for such cases has been consistent: 1) Call the financial institution that…

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