Learning Options

Hi everyone, I have been a buy and hold investor since I started investing. I have not delved into options but want to learn them. Do any of you have any thoughts on a particular book or service that does the best job educating and presenting in the most objective way possible on how options […]

Economic depression coming in few months?

Lately, I`ve come across two similar publications both preaching complete depression in the world economy leading to the crisis on the stock market like in the 1930`s. One is coming from Harry Dent who predicts the economical crush already in summer this year. The second one has been published by Sean Brodick in his WealthWave […]

Quantum Computing

Quantum Computing looks like an up and coming sector, but I never see any recommendations about investing it it. The companies I’ve found in the sector are all private, e.g. D-Wave Systems, Rigetti Computing, Sparrow Quantum, IonQ, Quantum Circuits, Cambridge Quantum Computing, QxBranch, QC Ware, 1Qbit, and Montana Instruments. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Marc Lichtenfeld – Stock Sequence Trader

Just finished listening to a very polished video presentation. Quick and dirty, for $2,000/year Marc’s supercomputer and staff pick companies with good cash flow who are about to provide their first dividend, which Marc claims is the trigger event that leads them to exponential growth. Very compelling. Is there valid research that companies who begin […]

wileycoyote2013 says:
Thanks Wayne, very thorough research. I guess lies of omission, with selective facts chosen to make their point.…

Wayne says:
After examining the video further, I think it is nonsense. Here is why: He claims the ignition event (first…


Regenxbio is a company that provides the delivery mechanism for gene therapies to penetrate the blood/brain barrier. I became interested due to having a family member (child) with a genetic disease. We have for years been working with non-profit organizations working on elusive treatments and/or cures and the biggest obstacle mentioned was always being able […]

Friday File: Portfolio Hodgepodge — One New Speculation, an Add-on Buy, and Check-ins on Some Dividend Growth stocks and Altius

CoreSite (COR) announced their latest dividend increase this week, which I’ve been anticipating — would they continue to be a rapid dividend growth REIT and keep investors excited, or will the slowing of the dividend growth continue to make me more cautious about the valuation of this highflier? Well, it turns out that the dividend […]


precisionvision says:
Travis, what program or platform did you use to compile those 13 stocks?

Solved: Robinson’s “Shape-Shifting ‘Smart Metal'” Tease for 4,000% Gains?

Whew, we’ve got another doozy today! Michael Robinson is peddling his Radical Technology Profits by hinting at another life-changing technology idea, all based on a “shape shifting” smart metal called X-31 that he says will replace silicon. So, naturally, we want to dig in. As usual, we go in with eyes wide open, well aware […]

Knud Knudson says:
Yes, I totally agree. They are universally bogus. Remember Tokyo Joe? But Motley Fool does seem to be legit. I…

seminole2 says:
I have not found one that is worth the price of admission. I have tried several and would have…

The Money Zone

The latest pitch from Shah at Money Map claims to have discovered an algorithm that predicts the market movement week to week with 93% accuracy. He has sworn off stocks which I would assume means all avenues of investing involving those stocks. The service is quite expensive when so little is known about the technique […]

$$$ says:
He want’s 2,000 to sign up. Anyone know someone who has?, and is it working?...

archives2001 says:
Yup, I'd sure like to know too!

Ok, you asked for it, here goes, I was advised to do some options on TSLA

the trade was was given to me about 2 weeks ago, buy 1 put on TSLA June 1st at 312.50 and sell a put on TSLA at 260.00. Because I don’t have a level 2 account with Schwab I couldn’t do it. (it’s pending). My question is how would this look at this time and […]

Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe
Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe says:
That's a really precise short-term options trade. Not sure I'll get the details perfect because I just have a…

Rebalancing your portfolio

Most financial advisors recommend that you rebalance your portfolio every few years. This may be bad advice. I purchased Netflix many years ago and have a huge gain. I am also in the 23.9% tax bracket. If I sell any Netflix stock I will end up paying over 20% in long-term capital gains tax. The […]

Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe
Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe says:
Warren Buffett would agree with you, he has noted that diversification is only for those who don't know what they're…

Newsletter subscripers

Newsletter subscripers. Any one have any idea how many subscribers the different newsletters (Stansberry, Angel publishing, The Motley Fool, and others) have and much revenue is generated by subscribers?

Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe
Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe says:
They sometimes allude to the larger numbers -- last I heard Motley Fool had about 250,000 Stock Advisor subscribers, for…

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