Paul Mampilly-Bold Profiots

Don’t know how you have the time for your extensive research. You are the best. Below is the latest from Paul Mampilly’s office being promoted by Banyon Hill. https://mail.yahoo.com/neo/launch?.src=ym&reason=myc

bunion132 says:
Whether DOMO is Mampilly’s teased company or not, I found three recent articles (March & April 2019) highly recommending the…
jarat44 says:
Mampilly's advertisement includes the link to a 1.5 hour long video "Revolutionary Wealth Summit". In the video, the company initially…

Who is Blanco’s new tease: 1,2 punch from Halo-Fi

Swear I’ve seen pics of the nameless Arlington, VA bldg. housing the mystery company. Something happening April 25. (Could be an IPO.) They are also building a fully automated high volume satellite assembly plant in Florida. Investors include Virgin Atlantic Group, Airbus, Qualcomm, Coca Cola. I gather they launch new satellites with two hours notice. […]

Matt Badiali pitching: ” Three Pot Stocks Surging 1,000% in the Months Ahead (and Two to Avoid Like the Plague”

Does anyone know the three to surge and two to avoid pot stocks from the Matt Badiali report ”Three Pot Stocks Surging 1,000% in the Months Ahead (and Two to Avoid Like the Plague” ? Grtx Zeflik

Lalo says:
I ment third is either terra tech corp or medmen.
Zeflik says:
@Lalo You mentioned 4 stocks so which one is to " avoid like the plague"?

What is this “tiny stock” which services Apple screens and is working on longer-lasting batteries? The Apple is COMING AGAIN!

Motley Fool is touting a stock which will explode due to coming ”iPhone Tsunami” Here’s their headline: 1 Stock to Buy for the Return of ”iPhone Mania” iPhone madness is back and one little-known company is allowing Apple to radically reshape the future of the iPhone… giving individual investors a rare second chance to get […]

EXPERT PREDICTS: For the Third Time Since Our Republic Was Founded… Congress Is About to Invoke Its Powers to Radically Change America…

I just received more spam from Agora Financial hinting at new legislation that will Federalize the Fed and take us off a debt based fiat currency. Discussion point 1, I would appreciate informed discussions of pros and cons of abolishing the Fed and putting the authority to create and control US currency back with the […]

Gina K says:
I believe the Bonner newsletters are a scam. They tirelessly go on and on and on about how having their…

Friday File: Checking in on a “Smart” Fund

I’ve been meaning to check in on one of the few mutual funds that I’ve written in detail about for you, so in the absence of any other big portfolio moves we’ll take a minute for that today. DoubleLine Shiller Enhanced CAPE (DSEEX) is a “better mousetrap” kind of fund, which should make us start […]

Yes, that version has a lower minimum but a higher expense ratio. Otherwise the same.
big tuna says:
DSENX , what I own in Fidelity, appears to be no load less minimum version

A Cube, a Metal Pole, and an “Absolute Killing”

Today I’m taking a look at a Kyle Dennis ad for his Sniper Report ($97/yr), which is published by RagingBull. Haven’t looked at his stuff before, but it seemed to get some reader attention, so… digging right in. This is what I imagine got most of the dreams of greed ignited: “I sincerely believe it […]

C.B. Right on, the biggest health issue! But there is another issue...SECURITY. China's biggest tele com , HUAWEL is producing…
herbalix says:
Travis, I like to subscribe to this article but there is no way to subscribe. No little box…

Cabot’s “Insurance Disruptor” revisited

Bonus article! This teaser pitch originally appeared as part of a Friday File on March 1, and now that the story has changed a little and some time has passed I’m releasing it for everyone to read… with a few updated thoughts from yours truly at the end. From 3/1/19: I got a teaser pitch […]

Very true, though not unusual for a recent IPO.
Sargam says:
Farmers, State Farm and Allstate are all struggling. Independent brokers can sign directly with more competitive carriers and use their…

Friday File: We’re All Doomed! Maybe!

As the market comes close to new highs again, I’m strangely finding some solace in more bearish views. My Real Money Portfolio is doing just fine, thanks, beating the broader market by about two percentage points since the beginning of 2018, but I’m also keeping a substantial cash allocation and have money allocated to hedge-y […]

dkandt says:
Well, noticed both in a recent Morningstar article about several tech stocks that are increasing their competitive advantages - ie,…
steveflick says:
Thanks much Tanglewood, I have been an Irregular a little over two years now and forgot to check the…

Chris Wood’s “Tiny Disruptor” in 5G teased for “Project 5X”

Yesterday I was writing about Jeff Brown and his tease of Akoustis Technologies (AKTS) as an RF filter company that should see increasing demand from 5G (each advancing wireless standard is more complex and requires more filters), and that brought this pitch from Chris Wood to mind. To be fair, this ad is not new. […]

krinkle says:
Hardly hype when it comes to cancer, etc., however, I believe the general consensus is that the population needs to…
CaptainCrunch01 says:
I've invested in NOK. Read info on them and am convinced they are preparing in a big way for…

Curzio – left for dead company to Revolutionize the customer experience

Curzio’s next letter is supposed to recommend a ”left for dead” company thats going to ”implement a revolutionary new customer experience”. I’ve been trolling the dead for buys the last couple of weeks and there are several. I don’t know about the revolutionary customer experience thing though. ATT seems to keep trying to add mobile […]

gdoggcrunch says:
His exact words from the email “Investors have left this name for dead amid the rubble of the retail industry……
gdoggcrunch says:
And Nordstrom seems to be known for customer experience... https://nrf.com/blog/nordstrom-sets-standard-customer-experience-again-and-again

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