Altucher is floating a new one

Looked up Altucher’s latest on Gumshoe, but was greeted by previous arcticle. Altucher’s new tease (2/19) is a ”tiny” company promoted by Disney through ESPN which the biggies are piling into so have to invest by coming thursday. Altucher sure can be a pain in the neck (and elsewhere). I subscribed to what must have […]


WHY HAVE GGB offered to swap their shares for Aphria’s , even at 1.5714 multi . Tuesday prices are not working( Apha 9.7 …GGB 4.24 x1.5714 =6.662) or have I missed something.

Electric Motors Revolution

Does anyone know which Vancouver startup will soon revolutionize electric motor technology being touted by Alex Koyfman (Penny Stock Millionaire)? Total Market Cap of less than 20 million dollars. Apparently the company is actually producing their product. New patents granted that changes the very principles upon which electric motors are based. Has signed licensing deals. […]

jamanwin says:
It's ticker EXROF. Very small but making some headway/

wryter says:
Looks like the Company is EXROF. I should have researched this topic more before posting this discussion.

Tiny $8 startup in play Kent Moors – Travis – do you have time to look ino this new scam from Kent Moors?

MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT IMMINENT! SHOCKING PROPOSAL COULD IGNITE 59,850% SURGE This serial entrepreneur guided his first company to a massive gain. And now, his latest venture has harnessed a patented technology that unlocks new $7 trillion energy sub-niche…

BubbleChaser says:
MRAM? Not even close to 100% on that though.

fuzzmomb says:
Does anyone know what Kent Moors is teasing about an Electro Wave Inversion device? It is supposed to revolutionize imaging…

Friday File: “Forever Royalties,” plus TTD and IQ earnings updates

I don’t want to give you too much to read, since probably the most interesting reading this weekend will be Warren Buffett’s annual letter to shareholders (which should be posted here as part of Berkshire’s Annual Report, around 8am EST tomorrow), but I do have a quick teaser answer to share with you… and a […]

boomermary says:
Great analysis Travis Good to know who the competition is for IQ otherwise it might look like a sure winner...…
I do occasionally take profits if I think the company has reached an unsustainable valuation or is likely to stop…

Silver Deficit

I was reading the article about silver and Jim Fink back in March, 2017. I have been investing for over 35 years and have been in precious metals since 1998. Don’t believe the predictions about a silver deficit and astronomical prices. The deficit ploy and that old song and dance has been used for decades. […]

John M says:
By the way, I believe that pig natcore is using aluminum.

Friday File: Pot Landlord Financing, Buffett’s Portfolio, Fake Prices, and Buying More Growth

Everyone was watching this week to see if Warren Buffett did anything big with Berkshire Hathaway’s (BRK-B) portfolio in the fourth quarter of last year, news that comes once each quarter (large investors have to file their end-of-quarter holdings in US stocks 45 days after the quarter ends), and… he didn’t. Berkshire did add to […]

dbrider says:
I agree, IIPR had a great week, will probably close up $12 this week to $72.00+. I had originally bought…

dbrider says:
The stock is FCEL. I think Technology and Opportunity recommended it. I bought it a few days ago…

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