Coronavirus – Time to Sell Off?

We have been seeing tensions raising day by day due to the Coronavirus and the stock market plunging continuously. I’m a newbie in the stock market and invested quite a bit over the last few months in some quality stocks looking at the bulls that fetched some gains over the period. Due to this virus […]

Jeff Bezos disappointed me with his late night pitch on Editas saying the cut and paste miracle

was about to make a major announcement in the morning that would cause the stock to take-off. The only thing I had to do was buy into a $2,000 pitch and after I didn’t bite, within the hour I received an e-mail asking to call a number and speak to someone before the deal expired. […]

bunion132 says:
I believe you're referring to Jeff BROWN (not Bezos) who I suspect is leaving a bad taste in the mouth…

Motley fool 500 discount on no 1 tech investment

Hello there, I just received mail from motley fool(i am a basic member) the mail stated no1 technology investment in 2020.To spice everything a little bit up it stated that forbes thinks this stock would eat up the world and the ceo off verizon,Lowell mc Adam states that this will be the third wave off […]

ronwill says:
They are not advertising for a stock. They are advertising for one of their stock advisory services. This new one…

52 Week Lows – Buy low Sell high

Does anyone know of a website or program that scans the 52-week lows of the day or week? There has to be an algorithm on investing in companies that look good and are hitting their lows. The market and stocks tend to overact to the news.

52 Week Lows – Buy low Sell high

Does anyone know of a website or program that scans the 52-week lows of the day or week? There has to be an algorithm on investing in companies that look good and are hitting their lows. The market and stocks tend to overact to the news.

Jeff Brown’s timed stocks

alright just got done watching his livestream and instead paying 1997$ for his time stock news letter I turn to you the community to help figure what and who he is talking about. if you missed the live stream don’t worry I’m kind techsavy to have getting the hidden links to his livestream and have […]

Susan says:
That’s right! That’s what I have too but where do you get that? Is it a Federal government report or…
Mike says:
So, I found Title 21 part 312 CFR here: https://www.ecfr.gov/cgi-bin/text-idx?SID=eb6505d457d0b5c47078d99ddb971987&mc=true&tpl=/ecfrbrowse/Title21/21cfr312_main_02.tpl and it is INVESTIGATIONAL NEW DRUG APPLICATION, but the sub-part…

Houston, we have ignition. Lift-off ! Destination: Galaxies Unknown!

It is imperative each and everyone does their own due diligence! This stock is a newly formed REIT. It may very well be an opportunity of a lifetime. Which Galaxy do you want to explore? You decide! NEWS OUT TODAY: RELI news -Reliance Global Group, Inc. (OTC: RELI) Signs LOI to Acquire Real Estate Portfolio […]

Tyler. says:
I see RELI is a pink sheet and applied to be listed on the OTCQB, will this affect the share…

Annual Review Part One

Today I’m starting my Annual Review, during which I take a (hopefully fresh-eyed) look at every stock in my Real Money Portfolio and update my opinion for you (and, frankly, for me, since it’s a good exercise). Some of these stocks pop up in my writing practically every week, but for others where there might […]

bigorangedave says:
Hi Travis. I appreciate your annual review and have a question. I also purchased a bit of SPCEWS, same reason…
tanglewood says:
It seems as though Travis is doing much better than the S&P. He bought several stocks early in the game…

What’s Jeff Brown teasing in his “Timed Stocks Summit?”

Jeff Brown’s “Timed Stocks” pitch is essentially just another spiel about “buying biotech stocks before a catalyst event,” but it’s wrapped up in one of those video “summit” meetings that implies it’s something beyond a newsletter ad… and it’s so filled with massive promises of potential 1,000%+ gains that it’s driving a lot of Gumshoe […]

I have been following Jeff Brown for over 2 years, he claims he was an ex-scientist for NASA, don't quote…
Yes, as I noted above, that section of the CFR covers the procedures and rules for FDA submissions. Which has…


I didn’t have the patience to listen to the entire video, but the teaser states ”Like the internet in the 1990s… eCommerce in the 2000s… and the smartphone over the past decade, we believe that this “foundational technology” will ultimately come to define the 2020s – and hand early, in-the-know investors a proper fortune. Not […]

49erJoe says:
appian, unless it's a different one of their 250+ ads out
ronwill says:
A week or 2 ago the pitch was for their augmented reality subscription. This week they are pitching for a…

DeHaemer’s “Next FAANG” — What are “The 4 MVPs of the Tap & Go Revolution?”

The “end of cash” story has been around for a long time, and it has fueled several waves of investment teaser ads over the past decade or so… which led me to wonder whether DeHaemer is pitching anything new or different in the ads for his Bull and Bust Report (currently $99/yr). So let’s dig […]

Buck says:
Yes, ANT Financial (Alibaba's Fin Svcs entity) is largely owned by Alibaba and has 900M credit card holders in PROC.…
suzdougl9617 says:
Visa will use XRP (crypto currency) or so I heard, for money transfers/on demand liquidity... I'm hanging on to my…

What’s Casey’s Tiny $10 “5G Master Key” Stock?

There seems to be no limit to the number of different 5G pitches we can absorb… the newsletter pundits of the world have their teeth into this latest telecom trend, and they’re not letting go until they’ve signed up every possible subscriber. The promise this time is that a small company possesses the “Master Key” […]

David Walker says:
There is much opposition to the 5G rollout. One negative bit of information circulating about 5G is that the wavelengths…
Ron T. says:
WIFI -Canadian stock exchange. Maybe this small company does have the answers to stop the radiation that 5G produces.

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