$QTMM Big news!

https://www.marketwatch.com/press-release/quantum-dot-market-expected-to-be-worth-us-320-billion-by-2024-2019-02-19 and https://seekingalpha.com/pr/17447991-quantum-materials-corp-receives-initial-license-fee-large-scale-quantum-dot-production-assam

Please de-tease “1 Stock Millionaires” Reveal Their Secret

Can you please de-tease: https://banyanhill.com/exclusives/y-1-stock-millionaires-reveal-their-secret/ “1 Stock Millionaires” Reveal Their Secret March 19, 2019January 8, 2019 J.L. Yastine 10,000 Americans are now “one stock millionaires” because they invested in a little-known penny stock that soared 80,962% over time. Imagine their joy as they watched their gains soar past $100,000, up to $500,000, and then over […]

Jimmy Mengel Outside Club

Travis there’s a pitch for a pot (hemp) company that can meet the shortage of CBD product and will shoot up 10X. Wow. Thinkolater has an opinion. Thanks Jim Becket I’m not sure how to write you directly about your view on a pitch, even on one that will not change the world as we’ve […]

Friday File: What does the Fed want us to buy?

It seems we’ve officially entered a period of another “Fed Put” — Fed Chair Jerome Powell’s statements yesterday were widely interpreted to mean that there will be no interest rate hikes this year, or maybe ever again, and that the Fed will stop its “quantitative tightening” in six months or so, leaving a huge and […]

eleanor says:
I am hoping CCI will drop a bit in the summer.
If it gets at all exciting, as we saw when the WSJ made the Warren Buffett connection las fall, it…

What’s Jeff Siegel talking about when he says, “March 29th, 2019 will be the most profitable day in the history of mankind.”

The latest ad for Green Chip Stocks is a doozy — reminiscent of the many “the world is about to change” ads that we’ve seen over the years, though a little bit light on detail. That’s OK, though, I’m sure the Thinkolator is up to the challenge. The headline of the pitch for Green Chip […]

Buster Irby says:
I think your last paragraph is right on target. If resTORbio thought there was any chance of the price…

sct2ali says:
I might politely disagree about Andy Snyder not having "appeared to be a hustler in the past." Oxford Club…

Stansberry Pacific’s “Most Impressive Find” Thinkolated — 670% gains coming?

I’ve seen a few variations on this ad over the past couple days, so it’s time to dig in as the questions pile up — the ad I’m looking at this afternoon is for one of the Stansberry Pacific newsletters, Brian Tycango’s Strategic Wealth Confidential. That’s a pretty new publication, but Tycango has been a […]

Bob says:
Friday: Build King up 8.59% to HK$ 1.27

chinadeep says:
Nice research, i am digging deep on what the fuss is all about with 5G and what stocks are well…

Cabot’s Teased “40% Growth Expected” Stock

Today we’ve got a quickie for you, in response to a couple questions about the Cabot Top Ten Trader teaser pitch that came out over the weekend. Top Ten Trader ($137/year) is a short-term newsletter edited by Mike Cintolo, he basically sifts out ten of their favorite growth stocks each week, and I think they’re […]

As a retired behavior mental health/public health government regulator-AS IF ONE HOUR AGO the marijuana boom is making me nervous!…

Matt Morris says:
Sure takes a great mind to pick a stock thats already very overbought...

TILT Holdings (SVVTF)

”TILT Holdings Inc is a Canada-based vertically-integrated technology and infrastructure platform”. Matt McCall isn’t pushing this as the usual near term wealth maker, but as a long term hold, w/ big returns not starting for some time. @ about $2 (he says buy under $2.50) it seems like a good gamble, but any other opinions?

Lisa says:
I think it's for the long term. I know it has dropped but let it sit. Hope I am right.…

I bought in @ $2.31 on 3/5/19-just before it dropped to $1.90, dammit. Feel good that it's been recovering, to…

Motley Fool’s “Small company with a $147 billion opportunity” De-teased

This weekend I started seeing new questions about a Motley Fool pitch, and it turns out to be a new one that I haven’t covered before. The ad is for Motley Fool Rule Breakers, the growth-stock service helmed by David Gardner, and it’s apparently for a stock that he has recommended twice recently. Here’s a […]

ibberman says:
FEYE at 50.00

vagentle says:
FEYE @ $30-$80.

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