written by reader Teeka’s Top 4 2020 Tech Royalties?

New to this, so everytime a big name puts out a teaser I force myself to sit through their entire spiel to try to gain some clues? Teeka said his tech royalties are cryptos, and that the freebie he offered is ETH. Anyone have any clue on the other 3?

written by reader CEO says this is worth 35 Amazons. Amazon’s Jeff Bezos stunned investors recently when he revealed that one emerging technology is the key to Amazon’s success

In fact, Bezos argues that ”it’s hard to overstate the impact” of this game changing technology. The CEO of ARK Investments further.”We think it could approach $17 trillion in market cap- which would be 35 Amazons.” Wired sys it is the ”Rocket Fuel of the AI.” The best part is it’s one remarkable company dominating […]

written by reader the end of the Airport

I join an investment info service and then go to the first webinar offered; only to find that to get any specific info one would have to pay BIG BUCKS………some $2000.00 !!! And this AFTER I joined True Markup Insider………….. Definition of bait and tease….? Anyway, expect the info regarding the ’End of the Airport’ […]

written by reader Big American Bank is going bankrupt

The article is by Michael Lombardi (Profit Confidential ) but also sponsored on Politics & My portfolio. It suggests that there is one major US bank holding $trillons of debt and cannot cover, and will not be bailed out. Part of the discussion says that while the FED increased interest rates, bla bla. So, interest […]

written by reader Big American Bank is going bankrupt

The article is by Michael Lombardi (Profit Confidential ) but also sponsored on Politics & My portfolio. It suggests that there is one major US bank holding $trillons of debt and cannot cover, and will not be bailed out. Part of the discussion says that while the FED increased interest rates, bla bla. So, interest […]

written by reader brokerage firms and Crypto

Travis, Thanks for all of your well researched and well reasoned articles. To me they are more valuable than any advice letter or service that I have tried, which haven’t been many thanks to the Gumshoe. Do you or any one else know of any Reputable stock brokerages in America that are servicing the Crypto […]

cardano465e says:
Dear Travis, Could you figure out this one?; " This Secret Arms Race Could Mint Another Round of Crypto Millionaires…

About Parkinson’s

The last time I wrote about Parkinson’s I had not yet become Doc Gumshoe.   It was quite a few years ago, and I was working on a continuing medical education project in support of donepezil (Aricept, from Eisai/Pfizer).   Aricept, as you may know, is one of a very few drugs approved for the […]

ET69 says:
Doctor or medical writer —- we are all health care providers. Thank you again for your well written articles. Sadly…
sigmull says:
Every case of Parkinson's is different. Billy Graham had Parkinson"s for 50 years or so and died at age 99…

written by reader Jeff Clark 3 stock retirement blueprint pitch.

Anyone have an ideas on the three stocks Jeff Clark is talking about in this Casey Daily Dispatch teaser? Casey Daily Dispatch Reader, Looking to generate extra income? Then I suggest you try out my ”3-Stock Retirement Blueprint.” In short: It’s a way to generate thousands of dollars every year… using just 3 stocks. I’ve […]

tommy2shoes says:
3 stocks are VanEck Vectors Gold Miners ETF (NYSE: GDX) Financial Select Sector SPDR Fund (NYSE: XLF) Technology Select Sector…

Looking into “This Secret Arms Race Could Mint Another Round of Crypto Millionaires in 2020…”

Jason Stutman is peddling his Technology & Opportunity letter ($99/yr) with a new tease about blockchain, so I thought it would be good to take a look at that after we sniffed around in Paul Mampilly’s (older) blockchain tease yesterday. The spiel is all about an “arms race” in bitcoin mining that will be spurred […]

tripp3 says:
I agree he's done nothing he's a phonu
samwiebaux says:

Checking out Mampilly’s “Warehouses Hold Key to $3.1 Trillion Revolution” pitch

You’ve almost certainly seen these ads from Paul Mampilly, the ones that start with the headline “These Warehouses Hold the Key to a $3.1 Trillion Dollar Revolution…” The ad has been running since at least the Summer of 2018, and has not really been updated at all in the interim as far as I can […]

fasteasymoney says:
It's OK to be wrong once in a life time. David H--
I like SMTX. They stopped production in China recently.

written by reader Alpha Profit Machine

Hi Gummies, I have just followed the presentation from Angel Publishing over their ”Alpha Profit Machine” trading system presented by Brian Hicks and Briton Ryle. It uses AI to use the small caps stock and they promis ”incredible” profit in few years; starting with $10k brings they guarantee $ 1mln profit. Too nice to be […]

Leslie says:
I was wondering about this too...the information provided is very vague for a high price tag...

Friday File: Gambling on Sports, Micro-Dosing on Stocks

I knew to buy like crazy last Friday morning, because people say that I am the SMARTEST INVESTOR IN THE WORLD. Woohoo! Oops, sorry, I forgot that I wasn’t selling myself with hype-filled puffery. That’s obviously not true, I did some buying last week and opened a few new positions that have done well so […]

Sure, I'll try to be clearer about noting the prices at which I buy and sell when I write.
dfigueroad22 says:
Hello Travis, I very much enjoy your thoughts on the stocks that you intend to buy or sell. My question…

What’s Motley Fool’s “Netflix Killer” Stock?

I’ve had a bunch of new questions about this almost evergreen Motley Fool ad for their Stock Advisor service, so I thought I’d share some answers with you here — partly because this is a stock that I write about a lot for our paying members, since it’s a substantial part of my portfolio, but […]

sleeper54 says:
Wait the ALL CAPS mean s/he is really serious . . ..right..?? ...tom...
julian_satran says:
I had TTD for a while and sold it when it got overvalued IMHO and put all the money on…

written by reader My Super Big Expensive Embarrassing Mistake – The Big Trade from Stansberry

The question for gumshoes: 1) if you HAD to spend $4K on Stansberry Research newsletters, which would you buy? Cuz, though I’ll surely try for a full refund, I’m likely only to get a credit and I CAN’t USE the newsletter I just bought, The Big Trade…. Short story: I succumbed to greed and fear […]

blurg says:
oh ok, I thought you meant having a broker walk you through the option trade. Yea, that'll usually run you…
Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe
Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe says:
Thanks for sharing your experience. I can't tell you which Stansberry letters would be more useful, but I'm sure there…

written by reader The investment of the decade

What is Teeka Tiwari pitching for the Palm Beach newsletter, Genesis Technology. They have 3 blockchain ideas for investing. Any insight on this pitch? $150 seems like normal cheep advise. Thanks Jake Lampman jakelampman59@gmail.com

Drew C says:
solid insights available of the program but none actually talk about the stocks Teeka is referring to far as genesis…

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