written by reader SPAC – FMCI (Tattooed Chef)

This isn’t from an advertisement, teaser, or pitch just a general question. I don’t normally buy spacs but I have been looking into FMCI (Tattooed Chef). Looking to see if anyone else has looked into this as well and any opinions on it. Travis if you happen to see this your opinion would be greatly […]

written by reader “Amazon CEO Say His Company ‘Will Go Bankrupt’…” – Motley Fool

Curious if anyone has seen this: https://www.fool.com/ext-content/amazon-ceo-says-his-company-will-go-bankrupt It says, ”What most people don’t know… is that there is a tiny component powering this tech revolution… a component that Amazon doesn’t produce in-house.” Anyone know what they are pitching? Thank you for any leads.

morogan says:
One clue is that in the article it mentions a quote by Mark Cuban that this tech will produce the…

written by reader $3 stock for retirement?

Oxford Club Alex Green is hyping a $3.00 stock as ”all you need for retirement” — ”Here’s why t his $3 stock should be the cornerstone of your portfolio. “I always hated penny stocks… until I discovered this hidden gem trading under a secret name.” – Chief Investment Strategist Alexander Green Is that enough clues? […]

frofro says:
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co alias Foxconn

Brown’s “6G” Tease — Most Powerful Tech Company, Plus a “Backdoor Play” to Profit

Certainly all the investment newsletters have been a-titter over the fortunes to be made with 5G… but now Jeff Brown is upping the ante a bit with his teased bet on 6G, and that surely caught the eye of many a Gumshoe reader in recent days. So that’s where we’re targeting the Thinkolator’s work today: […]

Tom says:
I'm long AMZN, NVDA, and INTC but not AMD. I read an interesting piece on INTC that they don't have…
hullevad says:
I think Intel will farm out thrir cpu manufacturing to TSMC, if htey cannot solve their problems themselves. 7nm is…

Forest’s “The #1 Copper Investment in America”

Dave Forest at Casey is pitching some lithium ideas, and that’s an area where there are sometimes hot developments that surge higher during manias, so I’ll try to get to that tomorrow — but what I found most appealing, as a lazy investors who loves royalties, was his pitch about buying into copper royalties. So […]

Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe
Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe says:
Yes, they are both generally investors in royalties, though companies like EMX and Altius do a bit more prospect development…
tbone0634 says:
Hi Travis, Is this pretty much the same way Sandstrom (SAND) make their money? Thanks for all you do, T

written by reader Motley Fool Teaser for David Gardner’s “AI Disruption Playbook”

Does anyone know what the company is in the teaser for David Garner’s: ”AI Disruption Playbook:An Investors Guide to this 19 Trillion Dollar Market?” I found it on Facebook today — a teaser narrated by Rex Moore with the FB by-line ”CEO says this is worth 35 Amazons.” Rex also mentions a report with David […]

Bank Busters says:
Any Feedback for Jeff Brown’s Latest Biotech Tease: “1-Day Profits Summit? “

written by reader RAging Bull Jeff Bishop

I’ll reveal the ONE tiny tech stock I believe will be the linchpin to this multi-trillion-dollar American Revival. It’s a little-known company based out of Indiana. And as I see it, their technology is absolutely essential to this $2.3 trillion revival. In fact, without this tech, I don’t believe this resurgence would be possible. Yet, […]

benrushmd says:
3D printing?

Will “Trump’s 5G Lockdown” benefit “the FIRST 5G ‘Turbo Stock'” Navellier Recommends?

The latest ad from Louis Navellier for his Growth Investor newsletter is a doozy… they’ve dropped the silly video of Louis with his fancy Porsche and replaced it with a “Trump wants to secure super-fast 5G” headline, but they’ve kept the red “turbo” button imagery from Navellier’s supercar, with that serving as a “you’re too […]

When was that? In the past, when Hulbert was tracking him in the 90s and 2000s, his letters have tended…
Intel can't do 7nm yet, so there's still catching up in some of the highest-volume fabs -- but yes, TSM…

written by reader THE HOLY GRAIL OF MEDICINE


tomainswrth says:
I believe the “holy grail of medicine” refers to Editas. Let me know what you think.

written by reader Tollbooth firm

Why can we invest in the 5G tollbooth firm if we are A member and how do we invest in thAt firm

Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe
Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe says:
I think you're asking about a stock teased by Briton Ryle at The Wealth Advisory, he uses that terminology --…

written by reader Computer Vision stock

Several teasers lately have mentioned a ”computer vision” stock, regarding AI and the computer’s’ ability to see medical problems and distinguish between items that only the human eye can discern. The latest I’ve seen is the $4. stock touted by Steven McBride in his new ”Disruption Investor” newsletter that he wants us to try. Anyone […]

Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe
Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe says:
Yep, covered that one here in June: https://www.stockgumshoe.com/reviews/disruption-investor/riskhedges-next-big-thing-to-change-computing/

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