Tiny company trading at $2 a share – Casey Research

Any idea which company this is. Apparently its a danger for Elon Musk. On June 11th of this year, a $333 billion conglomerate bought almost 20% of this company. Less than 60 days after Citic’s investment, the founder of this company more than tripled his holdings. In total, the ”smart money” has gobbled more than […]

gdoggcrunch says:
I was intrigued based on the market cap because Tencent had to be the obvious $333bill Market cap reference.…

Karim Rahemtulla – New Newsletter – “The Undefeated Options Summit” — Anyone with experience??

This might work for recent webinar. https://pro.oxfordclub.com/p/UNDEFEATEDTO2000ATMLTTOTNMT/EATMUB61/?a=9&o=36265&s=68626&u=1350221&l=2520713&r=MC2&vid=F8E5eB&g=0&h=true Anyone with experience with this fellow or this ”new to the puplic” service. Claims to be 37 wins with 0 losses. Thank you, Martin

mfortier says:
Post did not include my Title: "New Karim Rahemtulla producr". Now with Oxford Club. Thanks, Martin (Irregular Member)


extreme value–And earlier this year, I found the single greatest equity opportunity I’ve ever found in my 20 years playing this game.

Peak Profits – A Dent Research product

I believe that Harry Dent is bang-on with his Wave Pattern and demographic investment strategies although I doubt his forecasting abilities (particularly in relation to precious metals) purely because the world is in totally uncharted territory financially. After reading a few of his books I subscribed to Dent Research Boom & Bust simply for the […]

steveflick says:
I too have been a Boom and Bust subscriber for almost two years now....some gains, some losses. 6 months…

Louis Navellier’s Accelerated Profits Newsletter pitch Nov 12, 2018

Just listened to Louis Navellier’s Accelerated Profits newsletter 52minute pitch. Searched Stock Gumshoe, could not find any articles or discussions on this teaser. Sounds similar to Charles Sizemore of Dent Research Peak Profits newsletter, to which I subscribe to. Accelerated Profits regular $5k annual, promo 70% off = $1495. Louis recommending SELL China and Emerging […]

steveflick says:
Thanks Curly, good info.

Benny Kinh says:
Thanks Rogo. Now that is what I call paying it forward or at least revealing it forward. You rock.

Motley Fool “First Trillionaure”

“Prediction will give you goosebumps” This is a Trillion-Dollar Technology. CEO of ARK Investments says it could be worth “35 Amazons”, also says it is “the rocket fuel of the AI” Teaser also says super rich are reacting to tech: Shark Tank Billionaire says it will create worlds first trillionaire Baddy CEO has pivoted his […]

kmaier says:
Yeah I first heard of NVDA here when it was being pushed for its AR/VR segments in the medical field,…

gdoggcrunch says:
Not sure what the Tesla “pivot” would be unless you’re talking about their mention of an AI chip their last…

so what is this?


gdoggcrunch says:
https://www.prophecydev.com/PCY_2018_10_22FINAL.pdf Prophecy is my guess. Cheers

Friday File: Apple and NVIDIA get Ugly

Happy holiday season, campers! What’s up with the Real Money Portfolio as we head into a slow Thanksgiving week? The most brutal takedown of the week was NVIDIA (NVDA), which I’m sure many of you noticed this morning — that’s a stock that hit a stop loss a while back for us (I was watching […]

JackInTheBox says:
How come BRK.B didnt take a beating, considering the exposure it has to AAPL?

steveflick says:
I bought ACRZF Acreage Holdings at broker Fidelity. Since it is so new, there is a $50. fee to…

Solving Curzio’s “One Bank to Hand Investors $60B” Tease

I haven’t written about a Frank Curzio teaser for a while, so when a few readers asked about his new “$60 billion paycheck” pitch I thought I’d take a look for you… this came as an ad for his Curzio Research Advisory, which is Frank’s “entry level” newsletter (he’s offering it at $79/year currently), and […]

Dave S. says:
$150 earlier this morning. Was that the bottom? Who knows...

GE massive debt will sink the ship. Porter Stansberry has long back declared that GE could be the next Enron.…

Keith Kohl: “Texas Doctor Comes Out Of Retirement, Unlocks $84 Billion Ocean Of Lithium in America!”

Pitched by Keith Kohl, under the Pure Energy Trader banner. Should I file this under ”2 Good 2B True?” Sounds like some kind of improved extraction technology. Which would mean many years in development before it actually comes online? I suspect that climbing Lithium prices will serve to encourage alternate technologies by the time this […]

motion says:
mgx minerals has the tech. NOW TO PROCESS LITHIUM IN HOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! see website.

What’s the “Dark Horse” Winner in Battery Storage teased by Nick Hodge?

Nick Hodge has been touting “next big thing” materials stocks for as long as Stock Gumshoe has been around, from rare earth magnets to graphite and uranium and lithium and cobalt and pretty much any other heavily-hyped stuff you might imagine digging out of the ground… and his latest pitch is about what is arguably […]

roblites says:
Casey's "power shift" is all about Lithium and companion minerals like cobalt. There are ETFs focused on this. GRID,…

jflynch says:
Interesting, I'm going to also look into that....although I don't know much about it.

What’s Cabot’s “$10,000 into $129,000 in just three years” ad teasing? They say this company is “revolutionizing” the “keep Americans safe” business

The hook of Tyler Laundon’s ad for his Cabot Small-Cap Confidential newsletter is a 1,290% gain over the next three years… “When your grandchildren ask you how you turned nearly every $10,000 you invested in 2018 into $129,000 in just three years, I want you to be able to say, quite simply: Cabot Small-Cap Confidential.” And […]

That was roughly the price of a share when the ad campaign started (in the home market in Taiwan, converted…

Jim, it is HNHPD. Sold half position for a small profit. Hoping for bigger profit on remaining shares.

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