Sandridge Permian Trust

Sandridge Permian Trust (PER) is in the energy business. I won’t waste your time by listing what they do or don’t do. Suffice it to say as a Trust they pay out a dividend and have a shelf life. If my research is correct that shelf life is approximately 16 more years. The dividend is […]

Apple’s Project T288 – AR

Hi Travis, I’m curious what you make of The Motley Fool’s promotion of Apple’s next major technology breakthrough that they’ve labelled Project T288? And what companies come to mind as being important vendors?


Does anyone know about the latest hype to purchase a newsletter that will reveal the ”secrets” to cashing in on the payout to individuals required of Amazon???

Dark Burst Device

For extending the hours of solar panel usage. Soon to be required for every new California solar installation. Also can be used with existing solar. What is this company please with 330 patents on Dark Burst.

Could be, just remember that ABB is a $50 billion giant — more driven by global factory automation and electrical…
It seems like it will be Enphase, but I think ABB group is more interesting, due to its partnership with…


Travis, Thanks for the evaluations of newsletters. I’ve picked out several to investigate further. However, the first two I picked to look at — Market Update and No Load Mutual Fund/ETF Tracker — don’t exactly stand out from among the other similar-named entities. Any chance you could add website addresses to your info on the […]

LENR-or When will Fusion Energy Happen

Most of us have no time for unproven, speculative ventures. Others, like myself, semi-retired, are interested in ”The Next Big Thing.” Usually, with no profit. Well, if true, this ”Thing” will rival the invention of the steam engine in importance. The book ”Lost History” -by Steven B. Krivit” gives the 1905 to 1927 history of […]

mrroberts says:
Is "E-Cat- Rossi System" claiming to be "cold fusion"? E-Cat World is unclear on that.
enginer says:
Opps, "withOUT" the tremendous pressures

The Gumshoe Brain Trust: Presenting the Winners of the Irregulars Subscription Contest

Recently, one of our Irregulars (our premium members) wrote to us and said, “I am so impressed with your level of commitment to your readers that I would like to convert five of your guests to an annual subscription”. Delighted, we ran a contest, asking free members to send us an evaluation of a company […]

SoGiAm says:
Thank you Irregular Philanthropist, entrants, winners, Stockgumshoe community , Lynn and Travis! Looking forward to reading these gems. May you…

What’s this hinted at “Profit Line” recommendation for tomorrow?

A quickie for you today, since a few folks have asked… One of the seemingly 10,000 Banyan Hill newsletters is being teased today, and the bait they’re dangling is that Jeff Yastine is about to recommend a stock to his subscribers on Wednesday… which is tomorrow, so we’ll be brief so you can have some […]

timcarp1964 says:
Nice move wabrick. Did you do that on Yastine's recommendation? I wonder how much these guys are paying Nardelli.
frank_n_steyn says:
Nardelli is on the list of “Worst American CEOs of All Time”? What an honour, I read the article ,…

Help Others & Help Stock Gumshoe — 2019 Charitable Membership Drive

Ever since I started Stock Gumshoe as a little “nights and weekends” project back in the Spring of 2007, we’ve made an effort to “give back” in some substantial way — we’ve given to at least a dozen different charities over the years, and every year we’ve set a new record for how much we […]

jyri66 says:
hello I'm glad I found you. I've been reading your articles for a few months now and I like it
Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe
Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe says:
We're delighted to have you aboard, whatever the motivation -- thanks! And thanks for the kind words, I love this…

What’s this “Dark Burst” Business from Michael Robinson?

Soooo many questions about this latest teaser pitch from the Money Map folks! And have no fear, the Thinkolator is on the case and we’ll get you some answers about this “Dark Burst” stuff. So what’s the idea? Well, this is the beginning of the ad… “Stunning Government Mandate Goes into Effect Midnight December 31, […]

I’ve often heard similar sentiment (“the cheaper letter is better”) from readers over the past decade.
narr01 says:
Absolutely agree with you, torgo 3000. I also think his NovaX Report is one of the best investment advise letters…

Tom Gentile’s pattern trading

I’d really like for you to do some research into Tom Gentile’s pattern trading ideas. He claims that there is such a proven method of his time tested pattern trading and never using a dime of your own money. I would love to know your thoughts on this.

krkingsley says:
Makes me wonder if this isn't his renamed Money Calendar service that has such a low rating from everyone else

Matthew Carr’s 4,055% Winner in Viper Alert

Hello Gumshoe Team! In a few hours of annoying research, I believe I was able to figure out what Matthew Carr is teasing in his “VIPER Alert” Newsletter. He believes in a 41-fold gain, setting an Oxford Club record. He starts with his usual flexes of how good these scores are at predicting the stocks […]

SoGiAm says:
Congratulations zedsamcat on the win and for introducing Trustco Group Holdings (Ticker OTC:TCHSY and NASDAQ:TRST) to the Gummunity! Best!

Limited Funds Dividend Investor: Wanting Power of Compounding

I am new to the investing market and present volatility in the market is scary. Researching into safer stocks with less volatility, and that pay a reasonable dividend. Compounding is a powerful way to increase your investment but requires a fair amount of equity to take advantage of the compounding. It is important to put […]

SoGiAm says:
Congratulations tony62tiger and thank you for sharing your insights with the Gummunity! You and the Gummunity may be interested in…

Friday File: Buying Beauty, Selling Ugly

It’s the end of the year, so we’re running into all those stories again about how this is the longest expansion in history, and we have never gone this long without seeing a 20% (or more) drop in the market. Which, of course, fires up the market timer in all of us — especially now […]

It’s hard to buy richly-valued stocks, and sometimes they’re disasters... my general strategy, with these kinds of names, is to…
clemdane says:
Excited as this is my first day/hour among the Irregulars! Finally upgraded. I got lucky with my LGORF (one of…

Marijuana Breathalyzer BLOZF CANNABIX

BLOZF CANNABIX TECHNOLOGIES INC COM Speaking of good ideas. When the Marijuana sector began to gain traction Cannabix Technologies came up with a Breathalyzer for THC. Genius!!! of course, there will be demand for this and every police car in American will need to have one. It has been a long bumpy ride and of […]

petercanam says:
Hi Travis/fellow irregular readers--are you able to tease out which stock they're refering to here (just the title for reference…

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