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This ”service” from Raging Bull deserves its own review. Awful! Horrible! Avoid! Right now, the portfolio consists of 6 options. Two are worthless. The portfolio itself is down 32%. I have no idea how Kyle Dennis’s picks are so consistently bad. He’s part of the Raging Bull marketing series so they have the marketing down […]

OSUfball says:
I fell for the slick marketing and subscribed to Kyle Dennis' biotech stock picking service. It was useless because on…


I have to start out by saying that I think these Gumshoe articles are great, & I don’t like putting people on the spot ( or people doing that to me), but I have a question to ask partly out of genuine curiosity, partly out of concern for my stock. Don’t take it as a […]

What could the Reboot of the Dollar by Trump possibly involve? Rickards has been plugging this pitch for the past few years

and claims to have placed 1,000,000 of his own money to benefit from this Reboot. What could he possibly be investing in? He claimed that Trump did it himself in the 80’s turning every 500,000 into millions, I wonder what that was about.

Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe
Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe says:
That sounds like gold, Trump often brags about his success in speculating on gold 30 years ago. Rickards has…

Louis Navellier

“THE MOST DISRUPTIVE INNOVATION WE’VE SEEN IN 45 YEARS!” What started as an “off the radar” technology… is now backed by President Trump’s latest executive order. Early investors have the chance to make a fortune as its growth skyrockets 200,000%. “[This technology] is of paramount importance to maintaining the economic and national security of the […]

Notes from the Boston Omaha Annual Meeting

I don’t usually make a point of meeting or interviewing executives, mostly because I don’t want to be swayed by personal impressions of people who probably wouldn’t be in their position unless they were personable and appealing… but when you’re really dealing with a “bet the jockey” stock like Boston Omaha (BOMN), it is important […]

kman22 says:
Thank you for this Travis. Value packed info here!
Investor Clouseau says:
I add a couple of $BOMN shares in my Robinhood hobby account every time it gets close to the $24…

Friday File: Pot Dividend Surges, plus thoughts on gold and “bargains”

There’s no more cyclical stock than a semiconductor stock, and we’re seeing the whipsaw slash through that market now as trade sentiment weakens and pundits begin to see some weakness in the economy, particularly in the employment numbers, and the Federal Reserve fuels that uncertainty by essentially promising a rate cut in their attempt to […]

Shaun says:
Hi Travis, great feedback as usual. As I know you previosly owned Franco-Nevada do you personally not see…
ycharts.com is a charting/data service. They offer a limited free version, but it's mostly paid -- I think of…

Frank Curzio shot with “Batman”/”Air Cuff” Device to tease a Stock — which one?

I’ll let you know up front that this is not a particularly “secret” stock reveal today — yes, Frank Curzio is hinting at a stock to promote his entry-level newsletter (Curzio Research Opportunities, currently $49), but you could find this stock on your own. Anyone could, that’s the nature of a unique product. But I’ve […]

bunion132 says:
True, the analysts do not have much to report on fundamentals as yet, but here's a very brief announcement today…
Tom says:
After a cop Tasers they pull out the barbs ... how does the cop get this off to get the…

Why We Take the Bait

One would think that it would take a person of normal intelligence about half a minute to conclude that lures such as the ones below could not possibly be on the up and up.   Here’s one.  It starts out with a note from Christine O’Brien. “The Sovereign Investor Daily A brand new, ‘Alzheimer’s vaccine’ […]

Dave H says:
I received this and a nearly identical spam e-mail for the "Alzheimer Cure" book from Christine O’Brien and Dr. Glenn…
ggswift says:
I agree Al Sears promotes his own "High Priced" supplements that you can obtain on Amazon for…

Motley Fool’s “Dawn of the T288 Era” — What are those Secret AR Stocks hinted at by Eric Bleeker?

Eric Bleeker at the Motley Fool came out with a big “presentation” recently where he walked around the stage pitching a new high-end project that they’re calling Extreme Opportunities: AR — a $999 no refunds one-year subscription to their thinking about augmented reality, starting with a 15-stock model portfolio and including whatever changes or updates […]

timcarp1964 says:
Agreed. I work in an industry that relies heavily on web conferencing for training, meetings, etc. I have…
Fakename says:
It now says MF recommends and owns shares of Zoom Video Communication. It didn't a few days ago. Looks like…

Bill Gates invests $650 million in “under-the-radar company” — who is it?

We’ve got a lot of choices when it comes to teaser pitches this week, including some ratcheted-up reruns from Dr. Kent Moors reiterating his older Permian Basin and Solar Energy pitches, some CBD stocks, and a few others that are generating attention… but the one that caught my eye was from a smaller publisher, Motley […]

Largo I still have a fair amount of "speculative conviction" about, though it's obviously primarily dependent on the steel market,…
anthonyfahn says:
Thank you Travis for the insight! You are the one I listen to the most in this noisy market. Have…

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