“A FEdEx Package You Don’t EVER Want to Receive …”

What's the big company who threatened to sue Stansberry over one of their ads?

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, June 15, 2012

One of the hallmarks of a good marketer is that they spin everything that happens to them into something promotional — so it is with the Stansberry folks, who are surely among the better marketers out there in newsletter-land.

Their latest pitch is that they’ve gotten “scary” letters from the lawyers of one of the largest American companies, threatening a lawsuit. Here’s how the ad puts it:

“A FedEx Package You Don’t EVER Want to Receive

“Our company recently received an overnight FedEx from a New York law firm.

“Inside contained a letter, from the lawyers of one of the five biggest companies in America. In short, they were very unhappy with a recent presentation we had published.

“What did we do to upset them so much? Click here for the full story.”

You’ve probably noticed this, but stories about how either the government or some big companies are trying to squelch your publication are catnip for investment newsletter subscribers … many of whom have plenty of conspiracy and “big brother” feelings of their own.

But in this case, it’s a bit simpler — they don’t come out and say it in the ad and they don’t mention the name of the company (nobody likes being sued, though sometimes the notoriety of a threatened suit can be good for business), but what they’re talking about is an ad that Stansberry & Associates ran for the 12% Letter a few months ago. In that letter they teased us about the secret of “Wal-tirement” … so can you guess which company must be suing them?

Yes, I imagine it’s probably Wal-mart that wants it’s name cut out of the Stansberry presentations — and they seem to be complying. And probably the ad came to Wal-mart’s attention because some of the folks who received the ad probably called Wal-mart to ask how they can get in on this “Wal-tirement” thing.

So what is it? Well, if you missed it the first time around the idea of “Wal-tirement” is just that you can, like potential Wal-mart retirees, buy Wal-mart stock directly from the company in a DRIP (dividend reinvestment plan) and slowly build your nest egg as earnings and dividends compound and grow for you.

Not nearly as sexy as the ad implies, of course (they never are), and certainly misleading in the implication, however vague, that Wal-mart might actually be trying to “fix” retirement savings for America — which is, I assume, why Wal-mart would want them to shut down the ad and stop using their name (though the 12% Letter has several times recommended Wal-Mart as one of their “world dominator” stocks, which Wal-mart probably thinks is just fine). You can see that whole “Wal-tirement” ad explained here if you’re curious or don’t already understand DRIPs — or check out our more recent article for yet another of their ads when they again teased DRIPs as “801k plans.

I do wonder though, will other Wal-mart teasers get the kibosh too? Should we expect never again to see the teasers about “Wal-lord” or becoming a “Wal-mart millionaire?” More’s the pity.

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