“George Bush’s Secret Retirement Legacy”

Sniffing out Dan Ferris' "King Shale" teaser pick for the 12% Letter

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, April 3, 2012

We haven’t covered the 12% Letter in these pages for a few months, if memory serves, so I was pleased to get several questions from readers about their latest teaser for the “secret retirement legacy” that’s apparently been offered up by George Bush (the dumber one, not the older one).

Did I just type that out loud. Geez, sorry. He can call me a dummy too, if he wants — he wouldn’t be the first.

But anyway, Dan Ferris, is teasing us about a special secret from the former President, one that will get you income from a company that he calls “King Shale.” If you don’t know any of the background of this one, Ferris took over the 12% Letter a couple years ago and generally focuses on value investments and, at least in this letter (he also edits the more “aggressive” value-focused letter Extreme Value), on solid dividend growth stocks that can compound your interest and offer an (eventually) high rate of return with relatively conservative “World Dominator” companies.

Not the kind of