“Hunt Down Cancer Cells and Zap them Dead” Access Group

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, September 5, 2008

Today’s teaser ad is from Marc Lichtenfeld and his Access Group — they specialize in part on medical and biotech stocks, and the first two ads we’ve looked at them are in that area. The first one was for the “$4 Cancer Detection Device that could go to $196,” which you might remember turned out to be Electro-Optical Sciences (MELA) and their little handheld mole scanner that screens for skin cancer.

And no, it’s not at $196 yet. Though Lichtenfeld did get his ads rolling at a better price than Georges Yared, who has also been hot and bothered about this stock but was beaten to the punch by a month or two (at least on the ads, I don’t know when he actually started recommending it to his subscribers). There is much less than a million dollars worth of trading taking place in MELA shares on any given day, so perhaps it’s not surprising that the stock has bounced dramatically with the attention of the newsletter touts — it’s on another upswing in the $7.50 range, though you could have bought it for $9+ earlier in the Summer or for less than $6 just a couple weeks ago. No idea whether it’s going to break out and have a huge success, though $196 stills seems, shall we say, a bit optimistic.