Jeff Clark’s “Transfer Dividends”

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, January 20, 2008

I was just settling down for a nice teaser read from our friends at Stansberry and Associates — this time teasing the relatively new Advanced Income newsletter from Jeff Clark.

And it started to sound a little bit familiar …

“It’s the world’s best income secret, perfected by a California Millionaire over the past 20 years… and the only opportunity we know of that is certain to add up to $1,550 or more to your account… in the next 24 hours.”

They’re calling this investment strategy “Transfer Dividends” now, but your friendly neighborhood Gumshoe sniffed it out for you
several months ago, when this teaser made it’s first rounds and was called the “California Overnight Dividend

Except back then, the tease was that you could add $5500 to your account in the next 24 hours. So we’re downsizing a little bit.

Still pretty much the same thing, with mostly the same wording … a veiled teaser for a strategy that essentially involves buying stocks and selling covered calls for income. I don’t have much new to add about the strategy, which is certainly a legitimate one, but if you missed the writeup on “California Overnight Dividends” a while back, you can read it here … just substitute “Transfer Dividend” for “California Overnight Dividend” and it will all make sense.

I didn’t notice any clues for particular companies he’s recommending this strategy with right now, but generally for this strategy you’re looking for stocks with relatively high option premiums in the near months — and companies that you should like, since you have to buy up quite a lot of shares to make any income selling covered call options.

He also included a couple paragraphs on a new strategy he’s teasing, called “Double Dividends” — haven’t sleuthed that one out yet, but I’ll take a look soon. You’ll be the first to hear.

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