Hodge says “30-Cent Miner Claims ‘The 8th Continent'”

Nick Hodge teases "Shocking Trump Move Unlocks New $30 Trillion Energy Boom" -- but it's actually about an arctic mining stock... which one?

The last time we were inundated with a junior mining promo from Nick Hodge it was about that “tiny 50 cent mine” that was about to get the “green light” from Trump’s EPA, and that one has done quite well so far — that was Midas Gold, which I wrote about back when they started pitching it early in the year.

This time it’s a little different — it’s still mostly about gold, but he’s talking up a much bigger story than the development of a single mine. Here’s a little taste of the ad:

“We’re at the ground floor of the next resource supercycle.

“One that will create bigger gains — and fortunes — than cryptocurrencies, marijuana, and tech… COMBINED.

“In order to get your share, all you need to do is:

1. Take action immediately…
2. And put a small stake of money on the most explosive supercycle plays. Even a few hundred dollars could suffice.”

And that’s what investors want to hear, after all — they want to hear that they can plunk down a couple hundred bucks and get 25,000% gains (that turns $200 into about $50,000, in case you skipped that day in math class).

So where is it that we’ll be finding this massive fortune? More from the ad:

“The biggest profits will come from a small group of miners rushing to claim a stake in the 8th Continent.

“How can everyday Americans get their share of the 8th Continent’s unbelievable wealth? ….

“You see, I’ve uncovered the “sweet spot” of the 8th Continent.

“It’s a 350-square-mile, remote, and once-inaccessible location.

“This 100% pure untapped area contains unprecedented riches, including:

* 800 million ounces of silver
* 130 million ounces of gold
* 40 billion pounds of copper

“All told, we’re talking about a $2 TRILLION pot of money.”

OK, so is this 350 square miles all owned by somebody? Can we get some specifics?

“In the last gold supercycle of 2011, this tiny miner exploded for 2,500% gains.

“And that was BEFORE the 8th Continent rush was underway.

“Since then, its wealth potential has grown tenfold. And new targets are being identified seemingly every day.

“Which means an upside potential of no less than 25,000%.”

And we get that “regulatory relief/Donald Trump” bit in this ad as well:

“In a little-known provision of the 2017 tax bill, Trump green-lighted drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

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“A move that signals one thing:

“The rush for Arctic energy and resource fortunes is on.”

And on the broader “the arctic will be huge” theme…

“… we don’t have to just estimate what kind of wealth is at stake, either.

“Mines that already exist in the Arctic are the world’s biggest!”

And says that he has a few examples… including “the “Rare Earths Mine in Greenland” that has 11 million tons, with a value of $273 billion… and the Gahcho-Kue Diamond Mine in Canada