“Blue Blood” — Which “Tiny Biotech Owns Only Source of Rare Cancer-Curing Chemical?”

Checking out the latest tease from Nick Hodge at Early Advantage

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, June 18, 2014

The following article originally appeared on February 11, 2014 — several readers have asked about the “blue blood” pitch for this “cancer cure” (there’s a reason why we use quotes there) so we’re putting it on top of the page in case you’re curious.

My opinion on this one is unchanged, I’m still pretty skeptical but the stock has gotten cut in half so perhaps they’ll try to drive it back up again.

What follows is unchanged from when it ran on 2/11/14


A couple days ago we started getting a deluge of new queries from subscribers about something called “blue blood” — teasing a company that was about to sign contracts with major pharmaceutical companies, and which had a “lockdown” on a secret “blue blood” protein that will cure cancer.

I was a little baffled at first, because I hadn’t actually seen the ad — but more folks kept asking what “blue blood” was, so I looked a little closer and finally did find that we had a copy of that email in the vast Gumshoe teaser vaults. So let’s solve it for you, shall we?

The newsletter being promoted here is Early Advantage, from Nick Hodge, and it’ll run you $499 per year at the current price. Dunno what else they may be investing in, but we can at least get you this answer for a better price. Like, more free-ish. Then you can think it over and discuss it on your own … feel free to subscribe to Early Advantage if you like, but don’t do so just to learn what the secret “blue blood” thingamajiggery is all about.

Here’s the opening of the pitch:

“Tiny Biotech Owns World’s Only Source Of Rare Cancer-Curing Chemical

“Early investors are looking to bank 300 times their money

“This urgent video has live footage of the company in action….

“At the center of it all is its main product, which is on a worldwide lockdown: ‘Blue Blood.'”

Frankly, that sounds like hooey. And probably the kind of teaser that should have us all running for the exits (or at the very least, hitting the delete key), but a core precept of Gumshoedom is that even if a stock is touted with ridiculous, overhyped promise — like curing cancer with a secret chemical that only they own — it doesn’t mean it’s worthless. We have to go into this with an open mind — it’s almost certainly not as good as the teasers say it is, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad.

So what is it? Honestly, once we were into the ad a few paragraphs and saw the little snippet of video for this “blue blood” business we had our answer quickly at hand … but we don’t want to spoil the surprise, so let me share a few more of the clues they tossed out for us:

“Amgen, Pfizer, Merck, Abbott, Bayer, and others pay $35,000–$900,000 for one gram of this molecule.

“A single biotech company trading under $3 controls the world’s only source.

“Its stock is already up 300%!

“Highly rich Blue Blood Protein — which really is blue — is extracted from one of the rarest and most endangered animals on the face of this planet… a sea snail called a Limpet.

“What makes this blood so unique and life-changing?

“Well, it’s a major component of over 100 vaccines and drugs currently going through clinical trials with the FDA. In other words, these drugs simply cannot work without Blue Blood… and there is nothing in the world that can replace it.

“And here’s the mind-blowing peculiarity in all of this…

“Blue Blood is so vital to breakthrough vaccines and drugs today… one gram of it can sell for up to $900,000.”

Sound familiar? Yes, this is our old favorite “miracle mollusk” tease reborn. Hodge is now reworking his (very successful, so far) tease for Stellar Biotechnologies (KLH in Canada, SBOTF on the pink sheets).