Hodge teases: “Get Rich on the Tiny Stock That Will Revolutionize Amazon’s Supply Chain”

What's the little "package sensor" technology company being hinted at in the ads for Early Advantage?

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, March 11, 2019

Nick Hodge is peddling subscriptions to his Early Advantage (currently $1,299/year, 30-day refund period promised) using the pitch that one tiny company has the patents on a key thin film sensor technology that will become the “barcode of the future” and “revolutionize Amazon’s supply chain.”

So what is it? Let’s check out the details…

Hodge says that this new “smart chip” technology will play a big role in the “Internet of Things,” as cheap new stickers that boast a huge amount of data are rolled out to prevent counterfeiting, inform customers about what a package has been through (for things like temperature or breakage), or otherwise identify tampering or convey some kind of a marketing message. Here’s a bit from the ad:

“Forbes says it will ‘power the $19 trillion Internet of Things.’

“Think about that.

“The Internet of Things is a historic mega-trend that will drive all technology in the 21st century.

“It’s set to eclipse everything from the smartphone to the Internet.

“And leading analysts claim this device is the missing link that will make it all happen!

“Now here’s the most exciting part…

“One tiny tech play with 18 patents on this technology just recently IPO’d.

“And it trades at a mere 30 cents per share.”

OK, so we know that if it’s trading at “a mere 30 cents” it’s either not a US-listed company, or not really a recent IPO. Major exchanges in the US won’t list penny stocks like that, and, sadly the term “recent” does not have a specific legal definition.

And Hodge also indicates that he thinks this stock will get bought out by a bigger company:

“You’ll see how some of the biggest consumer brand names are already lining up behind this technology, including L’Oréal and other household names.

“And you’ll see why it’s on the verge of a billion-dollar buyout that could make every early investor rich — no matter how much you invest.”

So what is this actual technology? More from the ad:

“It’s called ‘printed electrochromics.’

“I call them ‘smart chips.’

“In reality, they are electronics so small that they’re embedded right into inks that can be printed on nearly anything.

“We’re talking advanced sensing and connectivity capabilities on a nano-scale.

“These inks are self-powering and internet-connected.

“They are ultra-low weight, microscopically thin, and flexible.

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“They include built-in sensory technology that measures heat, movement, and touch.

“And they can be printed, then put to work immediately!”

And apparently this “smart chip” technology produces the labels for less than a penny, which is what makes this “it will be on every package of everything” story seem somewhat feasible.

OK… what other clues do we get? Apparently this technology is “being actively deployed by 40 of the world’s biggest consumer brands” at this point.

“The Rollout of This Technology Begins

“Right now, the production of these “smart labels” is surging.

“Something to the tune of 10 million orders.

“You see, up until now, these labels were produced sheet by sheet…

“A method that limits their potential for truly mass-scale production.

“But the company has now just started what’s called ‘roll-to-roll’ production….

“Since virtually all brand names print their labels with roll-to-roll machines…

“‘Smart labels’ will now