“No. 1 Tech Stock for 2021” and the “End of the Dow”

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, January 12, 2021

Yesterday it was someone pitching the “No. 1 Income Play of 2021,” today it’s the “No. 1 Tech Stock for 2021” — that’s the nature of January, it’s prediction time and everyone wants to stake their claim on prescience.

This one’s from Ian King, who’s pitching his Automatic Fortunes newsletter ($97/yr) and talking up the “fastest tech boom in history” — we’ve all gotten that story drummed into our heads in recent months, the quotes about “ten years of digital transition squished into six months” or “three years of growth in two months” are everywhere right now, and they make intuitive sense. We’ve all seen the instant change in so much economic activity from offline to online, whether that’s ecommerce or digital collaboration at work or digital school or social lives or play for kids (OK, for the rest of us, too), it’s clear that a lot of what many folks saw as continuing trends took a big leap forward in 2020.