Sniffing out “The Company Leading the 18,767% Big Data Money Boom”

What's Ian King's "Most Important Tech Stock of 2020?"

Ian King is out with another promo for his Automatic Fortunes newsletter published by Banyan Hill, and like most such “presentations” he makes some huge predictions to tantalize you with dreams of wealth. And though it sounds an awful lot like the “most important tech stock of 2019” pitch he was making last fall, I thought I should dig in and give it another look-see.

They’re also (again) being a bit sneaky with the offer they’re making, so make sure to read the fine print if you actually subscribe… the newsletter is pitched as being $79/year with all the “special reports,” but your subscription also comes with a “free” three month trial of Jeff Yastine’s Total Wealth Insider, so if you don’t cancel that “trial” and let the autorenew happen, you’ll end up paying $194 a year for the two newsletters. Surprise!

So once again I’ll put on my muck boots and dig through the clues King drops, see if we can ID the stock for you, and leave it to you to decide whether you want to research the stock more… or even subscribe to the newsletter if you so choose.

It’s all about “big data,” and King’s spiel basically builds on the fact that data will be the driver for all the other hot tech “stories” in the next few years…

“Michael Dell calls this master technology the next trillion-dollar opportunity.

“The former CEO of Intel proclaims it’s ‘the new oil’ ….

“This master technology will be bigger than artificial intelligence. Bigger than 5G. Bigger than self-driving cars. And bigger than the Internet of Things.

“And it is all but guaranteed. Because without it, none of these other technologies can even exist.”

The biggest opportunity ever? That’s the implication from the ad…

“…. we will never see a technological revolution like this again in our lifetime.

“Which is why my team and I spent the last year finding the best way to profit from this single opportunity.

“And after months of research, data refining and investigating … we’ve done it.”

Ah, so what is this “best way to profit?” More from the ad:

“We’ve pinpointed a little-known company in the heart of Silicon Valley that holds the key to unlocking this new technology … giving investors the chance to profit from a massive 18,767% industry growth.

“And that growth isn’t hypothetical … it’s practically guaranteed.”

Did you read that as “you’re guaranteed to have 18,767% returns?” Congratulations, you’ve just made an ad copywriter very happy!

We get a little spiel about how important and huge “big data” is…

“Big Data is what we call this mass of digital information that can be analyzed to reveal patterns, trends and associations … but most folks are unaware of how large Big Data really is.

“Consider this … 90% of all the data in human history … dating back over thousands of years … has been generated in just the last two years alone.”

And hints about a few of the big winners the market has already produced…

“Talend, a Big Data cloud-computing company, has already shot up as high as 136%…

“Alteryx, a company that helps businesses blend data from several sources, has soared to a peak of 533%…

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“And Oracle, another Big Data cloud company, has soared as high as 1,633%…

“And as great as those gains are, the opportunity in front of you today — this little-known California-based company — could be even bigger.”

“Big Data” is a complex idea, all about collecting, processing and monitoring machine-generated data — whether that’s customer shopping behavior or temperatures in power plant boilers or airplane arrival times or millions of other data points — and turning that data, most of which is never looked at or used at this point, into something useful or actionable. King uses an oil metaphor to try to explain…

“In fact, industry insiders are proclaiming that…

“Big Data Is the Oil of the 21st Century

“That it is the new ‘raw material of business’…

“And that it could even ‘change the world’….

“So much new data is being created that 80% of it is currently worthless. We call it ‘crude’ data because it’s collected and stored until we know what to do with it.

“This crude data, sitting on servers, is like having billions of barrels of crude oil just sitting around.

“It’s useless until it’s refined by analytics into what I call ‘digital gasoline’ — information that can actually be used to generate profit.”

So, naturally, this company he’s teasing is a “refinery” for data…

“Their data-refining software is going to absolutely change the game.

“So much so, they’ve already become known as the ‘Google for IT (information technology) data.’

“Which is why this company has been building a massive customer base … from around 3,700 companies when it went public in 2012 to more than 16,000 today.

“The list includes 90 of the Fortune 100 companies.

“It boasts clients such as Coca-Cola, Comcast, Groupon and Nordstrom. Even data giants Amazon, Google and Microsoft use its software.

“So it’s no mystery why annual sales have soared a massive 300% over the last five years.”

OK, so those are some good clues… what else?

“What’s amazing is that most companies’ growth slows down as they get bigger … but with this company, the growth is actually accelerating.

“That’s higher sales growth than Google (108%), Amazon (162%) and Apple (45%) … combined!

“As one investment analyst commented: ‘Its numbers are truly mind-blowing,’ and another said it’s ‘a cutting-edge firm in the field of machine data’….

“It’s no wonder that 31 analysts recently gave this stock a massive buy/outperform rating, while only one gave it an underperform rating.”

He also throws in Warren Buffett’s favorite term, the “moat” that defends the best companies from competition:

“And here’s something you will really like. They have a moat. They basically own the data-refining field with more than 200 patents, and 500 more are pending. In other words, they have a near monopoly over the expected 18,767% gro