What the bejeezus is “Fluorescent Sand?” Is it gonna make us rich?

Ian King's ad for his Automatic Fortunes letter hints that, "At just $5 a share this is the best bargain you can find in the stock market."

So... what is it?

This article was originally published on May 14, the questions keep rolling in so we’re re-posting it for you today — the ad has not changed, the company teased still trades at about the same price, with no meaningful news, and what follows has not been updated or revised since 5/14. Enjoy!

Today we’ve got a new letter to look at, from someone I don’t think I’ve ever written about — Ian King is an editor at Banyan Hill, and he’s pitching a letter called Automatic Fortunes ($79/yr) with a story about “The $5 Stock Leading the 5G Revolution.”

So… can we “Ride the Incoming $12 Trillion 5G Boom” and make buckets of money? Certainly we’ve looked at a LOT of 5G stories over the years, and most of those stocks have had a rough go of it in recent weeks, so let’s dig into his clues and see what it is he’s touting.

By the way, always be mindful of the details if you do “opt in” to these kind of “urgent” deals that have a ticking clock on the order form — as we’ve seen a few times, this is pitched as a lower-cost no-risk letter (“regular price” is $199/yr), and they do offer a refund… but they also throw in a three-month trial of Jeff Yastine’s Total Wealth Insider, and the small print says that if you don’t do anything you’ll see your subscription to both of those letters renewed (at $97/yr each). It’s all there in writing, but I know I certainly hear complaints from readers all the time who got charged for newsletters they don’t ever remember even ordering, or at prices that are higher than they thought they committed to.

But anyway, let’s dig in — this is one of those stories that takes a widespread “made up number” about the size of the 5G business, and implies that it’s all going to come flowing down to “one little company”… which is absurd, of course, but it does whet your appetite and get you revved up. Here’s a bit of the start of the ad:

“We have one mission: To help Main Street Americans live richer lives through investing.

“And that starts right now with this fluorescent sand opportunity.

“You can get in on the ground floor of a potential $12 trillion revenue stream….

“At just $5 a share this is the best bargain you can find in the stock market. Period.”

And they name drop a couple of institutional investors who are apparently buying shares…

“JPMorgan Chase
“U.S. Bancorp”

(As if funds managed by those banks didn’t own a piece of pretty much every publicly traded stock in the US… or the world, frankly)

And we’re told that, of course, those institutions are trying to keep it in the down-low…

“And while they like to keep things secret, you can bet these behemoths see what I do: A company that stands at the forefront of the potential $12 trillion flood of incoming revenue.

“Which means it’s only a matter of time before the mainstream gets a hold of this story.

“And when that happens, the price could soar, and you’ll have missed your chance at turning a small stake into huge gains.”

So what is this “fluorescent sand” stuff? It is apparently going to help with the bandwidth traffic jam…

“On this trajectory, we’re headed for a situation much like a never-ending traffic jam on the streets.

“We’ll soon have a pile up of these ‘latest and greatest’ devices, but the technology in all of them will be unremarkable, stagnant and stuck in a previous era.

“Worse yet, our wireless and data networks simply won’t be able to handle them all….

“… thanks to fluorescent sand, the world WILL have the systems to handle the sheer volume of devices.

“And that’ll usher in an era of technological progress unlike any the world has ever seen before….

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