“‘Cut & Paste’ Disease From Your Body” — what’s this “Living Software” Business from Dylan Jovine?

Checking out the teaser ad for Behind the Markets

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, November 14, 2019

This article was originally published on November 5, 2018, we’re getting lots of questions so we’re popping it to the top of the page for you but it has not been updated or revised — the ad being covered appears to be almost identical to the ad that was running in the fall of 2018.

Dylan Jovine is a little bit of a ‘blast from the past’ for me, I very briefly covered a teaser pitch he did for his Tycoon Report when I was in just my first couple weeks of trying different article formats for this weird new “Stock Gumshoe” website I was starting twelve years ago… that Tycoon Report service wasn’t around for very long after that, I think he sold to Agora and he apparently went off the grid a few years later for health reasons, but now he’s back with a new service called Behind the Markets ($79/yr).

And, of course, he’s recruiting new subscribers with a teaser ad campaign… this “Living Software” one we’re looking at today has been running for a while now, and the questions from readers are piling up, so I thought it was time to take a quick look.

Here’s the intro that got readers interested:

“One Drop of Breakthrough… Living Software Sells for $83,000
• The Wall Street Journal Reports: “It’s Transforming Medicine.”
• 60 Minutes Reports: “It’s revolutionizing the search for new drugs.”
• And one small company funded by Bill Gates and Google owns the patent on it

“And our research proves that anyone who gets in before Thursday, September 27 could earn profits of 46,751% (or more).”

Oh, wait a minute, that was the original version of the ad… they updated it a bit, so the one we’ve been seeing recently has this to replace that last sentence:

“And thanks to a major event about to take place on November 26, you have the chance to earn profits of 46,751% (or more) by getting in today!”

There was also a version that focused on October 26th, and they seem to have been testing some different lead-ins because this language was an alternate version of the intro that I saw:

“Tiny Massachusetts Company Awarded $2 Billion Patent for Groundbreaking “Living Software”

“Cambridge firm’s ‘new approach’ proves it possible to extract Cancer cells from sick patients”

So all of that’s probably enough to let you know that yes, Jovine is pitching a CRISPR stock — he’s touting the “gene editing” technology as a way to “cut and paste” to erase and fix bad genes, and that’s certainly a common spiel we’ve heard from lots of different newsletters over the past couple years as the CRISPR companies have gone public and raised money.

Which one, though? Let’s see what other clues he drops… first, he trumpets the potential of CRISPR to rapidly eradicate disease:

“Like a ‘Manhattan Project’ for Medicine….

“But nobody expects it to take 30 years to happen in this case.

“Because of the unique, high-stakes power of this treatment governments are pushing business to accomplish this within 5 years.

“In that way it’s become like a Medical Manhattan Project.

“And because of that we think one of two things happens – it either moves like an Amgen or it’s taken over by a larger competitor….”

And then he gets into the specifics a bit…

“I’m not recommending any of the big companies.

“For the folks who follow my research, I prefer recommending biotechs on the very forefront of this massive change. The biotechs that the large companies are partnering with.

“That’s where all the innovation is. And that comes in the form of smaller companies with the world’s leading scientists.

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