“Canada’s Golden Tollbooths” from Casey’s Big Gold

Sniffing out the teased "Greatest Business Model on Earth" pick from Jeff Clark

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, January 29, 2013

Several readers have recently sent in questions about a recent teaser ad from Big Gold, the “entry level” resource investing newsletter from Doug Casey’s newsletter stable … they’re pitching the idea of “Golden Tollbooths” that they think represent one of the best business models in the world, and though they hint around about a couple other companies they really focus on one.

Here’s how they get us interested:

“There is a special tollbooth located 8 hours north of Toronto near a gold mine. And every time a mining truck passes by, it must pay a toll: For each 100 ounces of gold carried, 4 of these must be paid to the tollbooth. Over $6,600. Every single time.

“What’s better, there’s another one of these ‘golden tollbooths’ located 20 miles east… and still another one 100 miles farther. All told, about seventy of these special tollbooths exist in the world today.