“Silent Epidemic Ravages Boomers!”

What's the $7 HCV Testing Stock Being teased by Ernie Tremblay's Biotech Insider Alert?

Golly, most people who might subscribe to investment newsletters are baby boomers.

And most of that generation is just a few years past their midlife crisis… so you can be pretty sure that a “silent epidemic” will get them to read your ad, yes?

Apparently so, if the questions rolling in to Gumshoe HQ over the last day or two are any indication — Ernie Tremblay’s ad about this “silent epidemic” (and how you can get rich from it) has hit both the greed and fear receptors pretty hard.

ijectionThe pitch, of course, is really about making money by subscribing to Tremblay’s Biotech Insider Alert over at Money Map Press ($1,875 after your “instant rebate” — more on that in a moment), and the carrot to get you to sign up right away is that there’s a “tiny $7 company” responding to the crisis, with a stock, naturally, that he thinks will be shooting higher any moment now.

Several of you have already figured this one out, and there’s been a bit of chatter about it on some of Dr. KSS’s biotech discussion threads, but I thought I’d check the clues for you and run through it to confirm what the stock is for all of you who have questions and aren’t members of the Irregulars or participants in those chats. Here’s how Tremblay gets us excited:

“CDC Issues Nationwide Warning:

“Silent Epidemic Ravages Boomers — Kills Every 58 Seconds!

“A tiny $7 company is responding to the crisis, providing a patented, mass-market breakthrough that could save you — and 75 million Americans — from a grisly, premature death.”

Subtle, right? It gets better…

“At this moment, a silent epidemic is sweeping the globe, and has made its way to the United States.

“It’s not HIV…

“And it’s not Ebola.

“According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), it’s over 6,500 times more prevalent than Ebola… and 1,000 times more deadly.”

And while most teaser ads from newsletters are satisfied with filling your eyes up with images of piles of gold and yachts and Maseratis, sparking that greed impulse as we look for the next blowout momentum stock that will correct all of our past financial mistakes, this one lays it on heavy with the fear, too …

“The scary thing is, you could already be infected with this virus and not know it.

“In most cases, the virus slipped in years ago, and has quietly been ravaging your body, completely unnoticed.

“Now, some signs may have appeared in the beginning.

“You might have felt a bit sluggish.

“You felt a bit fatigued.

“Maybe you had some trouble sleeping through the night.

“And you might have experienced some joint pain and stiffness in your knees or fingers.

“Problem is, by the time the real warning signs appear, it may be too late.”

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Seriously? Is there a baby boomer alive who hasn’t felt a bit sluggish, had trouble sleeping, had some joint pain? Now we’re going to freak out a few million people and make them think they have Hepatitis C because they’re not 25 anymore?

Yes, that’s what this is all about — the Hepatitis C Virus, often abbreviated as HCV. I won’t go through the details of how it works, or what it is — you’ve almost certainly read some about it, and you can go through Tremblay’s ad here if you’re curious. Or visit the CDC’s web page on Hep C for patients — and yes, to be fair, baby boomers are more likely to have HCV (and many of them don’t know it) than are younger or older people, probably at least partly because of the environment in which they grew up (pre-blood screening, IV drug use and shared needles for some, etc.), and yes, the CDC does have a press campaign urging boomers to get tested. And you can have it without knowing it, and the CDC really does want all boomers (and other at-risk groups) to get tested whether or not they have any symptoms. Mostly, I expect, because testing them now can actually do some good, since dramatically better treatments/cures have been released over the past year or so than were available previously.

Tremblay does offer a backhand compliment for the drugs that are curing HCV — implying that investing in Gilead (GILD) and/or AbbVie (ABBV) is still a good idea as they are leading the charge with their incredibly effective cure(s) for Hepatitis C, but he says that the company selling the test for HCV is the one that you should really be looking at. (Though he doesn’t name those two stocks either, so whether he prefers one or the other I don’t know.)

Here’s more from the ad:

“Now that there’s a cure, people can get treatment and return to robust health.

“Simple solution. But remember:

“Most people don’t know they have the virus.

“That’s right. Of the 200 million people infected with HCV worldwide, roughly 150 million of them DO NOT KNOW they have the virus….

“Consequently, the Center for Disease Control (CDC), has launched an UNPRECEDENTED emergency response campaign to put an end to HCV.

“The first essential step?

“A massive U.S. Government initiative to get people at risk TESTED for HCV…

“That includes every single one of America’s 75 million Boomers…

“And herein lies a once-in-a-generation opportunity…

“You see, a tiny $7 company based in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania has developed the first FDA-approved quick test for HCV.

“The test is fast, easy, and nearly 100% accurate. And it only takes 20 minutes to get results!

“At $95, the test is also affordable.

“And for people at risk – like the 75 million Boomers – the U.S. Government has ordered insurance companies to pay for the test.”

So… who’s the company that’s going to rake in gobs of cash because they’re the first ones with a quick test for HCV? A few more clues:

“Although they are tiny, this company has an elite management team with combined medical industry experience of